6 Times Nora Fatehi's exquisite handbag collection left us green with envy

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6 Times Nora Fatehi's exquisite handbag collection left us green with envy
6 Times Nora Fatehi's exquisite handbag collection left us green with envy

In bags we trust, isn't it? Give us a reason to not fall in love with bags. It's the accessory that can make you look ultra-sorted who's got all the glam injected perfectly. Chic bags alert: Yes, we're here with an edit that has it all cool as it features Nora Fatehi's bag collection from totes to backpacks, chicness shall galore. Treat thy eyes! 

You can never have enough bags especially the one that’s so very bright to look at. Nora complemented her yellow bodycon dress from Zara with Christian Louboutin’s strappy heels and Hermès Birkin bag that costs Rs. 26,63,529.61. Looks like the calf leather accessory with twist-lock fastening won’t break your bank.

nora fatehi handbags fashion1 green

For the one who lives and breathes royalty, style your pink striped one-shoulder top and high-waisted trousers with Louis Vuitton's Petite Boite Chapeau bag that costs Rs. 3,08,189.28. Don’t like bags that look puffed up? Here’s the best you can settle with. 

fashion2 fatehi nora handbags green

Bless your wardrobe with a brown bag that can look promising enough to take you to the airport and beyond. The 29-year-old bombshell chose the all-black route with a black crop top, jacket, and high-waisted jogger pants. Fendi brought along with it some ‘funtastic’ vibe. Priced at Rs. 1,93,639.42, this sunshine leather brown tote bag can fit in all your essentials and more. 

fashion3 nora fatehi handbags green

Can we just call Nora, the LV girl? Her love only keeps growing big for the French brand. The Monogram Carryall bag is worth Rs. 2,59,658 is doing quite the rounds with her. Look at how effortlessly she teamed the crop top with a turtleneck and high-waisted blue jeans with this tote. The handles are no-fuss to carry. 

fashion4 fatehi nora handbags green

There’s the only shade for every mood and it has to be black. Here’s the hottie doing her chic thing with a crop top, biker shorts, and Gucci’s Marmont mini circular bag that costs Rs.1,00,158.32. Easy to carry, ready to make a statement at all times. What more could you ask for in an accessory? 

fashion5 nora fatehi handbags green

There’s nothing quite like a backpack that can give your outfit the much-needed coolness. Nora often counts on this Palm Springs backpack worth Rs. 1.20 lakh from Louis Vuitton. Here she made her OOTD which consisted of Karl Kani’s blue varsity mesh tee and running shorts look extra nice.  

fashion6 fatehi nora handbags green


Which is your favourite bag? Let us know in the comments below. 

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