7 Hairstyles you need to steal from Ananya Panday to compliment your cool girl persona

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7 Hairstyles you need to steal from Ananya Panday to compliment your cool girl persona
7 Hairstyles you need to steal from Ananya Panday to compliment your cool girl persona

Trying out different hairstyles can be fun but at the same time very time-consuming. But that doesn't mean after all that shampooing and conditioning all we have to do is leave our tresses open. On the other hand, leaving them as it is can become quite boring too. But if you are all up for styling adding a new edge to your look, start taking notes from Ananya Panday's fun and chic hairstyles.

While Ananya might be three films old, her bubbly personality and relatable fashion choices have found a massive fan following among the youth. Her cute hairstyles are also a reflection of her vivacious and spirited nature all thanks to her innovative and incredible hairstylists. If you want to let your inner diva out, try out some of these chic hairdos.

Textured Ponytail


This is a fun spin on the simple ponytail that we all do to keep our hair out of our face. All you got to do is curl your hair tightly (you can either braid or with a curling iron) and set it with a hairspray. Now tie them into a ponytail and you are good to go.

Top Knot


Even while attending an award show, Ananya kept it cool and easy-peasy with a top knot leaving a few tendrils behind to frame her face. She wore a black tulle layered gown and looked right out of a fairytale. Keeping her hair up gave a more clear view of her dreamy dress.

Space Buns for fun


Space buns are as funky as they can get. For a pyjama party with friends, you can try out Ananya's cute space buns as they are playful and quite frankly, very spry. Just divide your hair into two sections and knot them up high.

Colourful Strings


A simple braid can work like magic if you tie it up with some colourful ribbons. Ananya put all her into a low braid and added some pink strings that matched her outfit to fab it up.

Bun + Ponytail


This is technically neither a full bun nor a full ponytail. The Khaali Peeli star did something in between that seemed pretty interesting. For this formal look, she parted her hair from the side, kept it super straight and tied her hair into a bun and left the ends open.

Braided Ponytail


A braided ponytail might take a little bit of work but they add spice to your look. Ananya wore a yellow lehenga by Arpita Mehta but what stood her apart was her braided ponytail. The middle section of her hair was styled into a French braid while the rest was pulled up into a high ponytail.

Next level braids


The best one is saved for the last. From the front, it doesn't appear so cool, a closer look at this style will surely wow you. Look at how she took the upper section of her hair and tied them into overlapping fluffy rope braids. She kept the lower section super straight. This has to be the coolest of them all. 

Which hairstyle do you want to recreate for the next party you hit? Let us know in the comments.

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