9 Fashion picks you will love if you adore Alexis from Schitt's Creek

Add an Alexis-like glam to your fashion wardrobe with these amazing accessories and picks.
9 Fashion picks you will love if you adore Alexis from Schitt's Creek 9 Fashion picks you will love if you adore Alexis from Schitt's Creek
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Alexis Rose’s wardrobe is literally the highlight in the small town of Schitt’s Creek. Alexis refused to give up on fashion just because her family lost its fortune and ended up living at the Rosebud Motel. No matter what the occasion was, Alexis was always up to the mark with her outfits and carried herself with utmost confidence in some seriously boho-inspired looks. Alexis kept a part from her former life alive in her with the way she chose to dress. So if you are a fan of Alexis Rose and her bold personality, then these fashion picks will truly catch your attention and you will want to get your hands on them right away! 

Malyunin Sideways Initial Necklace

This minimalist necklace with an alphabet sign screams out Alexis’ signature style. Alexis kept this necklace of her initial as her signature style and never really got rid of it. This necklace looks exactly like the one worn by Alexis. It is made from stainless steel and can be customised into any initial you want. 


Price: Rs.599

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Classic Men & Women Wide Brim Fedora Panama Hat 

Alexis really brought back the hat trend as she flaunted all types of hats throughout the day. This wide brim fedora hat not only looks extremely stylish but it will also make a great summer wear and beachwear. It will protect you from the scorching heat of the sun and provide you with some shade under the sun. 


Price: Rs.3894

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Solimo Women's Hair Band with Polka Dot

Another iconic hair accessory that Alexis was seen wearing a lot and made her own is a knotted headband. It looks super cute and outdoorsy, and adds a feminine touch to every outfit. And if you are struggling through a bad hair day then you can just put on this knotted headband and go about your day without a worry and in style. It looks stylish and also keeps the hair in place. The vibrant colour and attractive design will make this hair accessory your most favourite. 


Price: Rs.160

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Yellow Chimes Vintage Dangle Earring

These boho-style fusion dangle earrings capture Alexis’ raw and confident aesthetic style which usually falls under the boho category. These chime earrings are a fashionable fusion of ethnic and contemporary and will look best when worn with indo-western outfits. They would also perfectly accessorise with a beachy off-shoulder dress. 


Price: Rs.184

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Shining Diva Boho Midi Finger Crystal Rings

Alexis Rose’s character is known for talking and expressing more with her hands than with her mouth and hence, her hands were always adorned with boho gold rings. These midi finger rings perfectly match Alexis’ hippie style and are an eye-catching add on to any outfit. They come in a set of 9 and will uplift the look of your hand. 


Price: Rs.225

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Golden Kite Women Maroon V Neck Sheath Midi Dress 

As a Schitt’s Creek fan, you must definitely be aware of Alexis’ love for velvet dresses. This gorgeous red velvet dress is more than just a little bit of Alexis. The V-neck dress looks absolutely glamorous and you can take some more inspiration from Alexis Rose’s wardrobe and accessorise it with ankle-length boots and boho earrings. 


Price: Rs.1051

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Royal Son Women Over Sized Sunglasses

We really do not know if Alexis was wearing oversized sunglasses to block out all the shade or was it just a stylish way to block out the haters. Well, the odds are more in favour of the latter. These oversized sunglasses look super bold and will add a boosting confidence to your demeanor. And just like the haters, they can also filter out sunlight reflected glare, and protect your eyes from long term damage. 


Price: Rs.699

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Generic Dreamcatcher Charm Keyring

This pretty dreamcatcher keychain charm with black agate and a feather, has quite a gypsy vibe to it and looks like something you would probably find in Alexis’ large handbag. The key ring looks super beautiful and attractive, and will add a tinge of boho glam to your everyday handbag or purse. 


Price: Rs.359

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Sparkle Stars Bling Soft Silicone Transparent Back Cover 

It is pretty clear that Alexis’ style was all about being loud and out there. She loved to gain attention and she also seemed pretty well at handling it. This sparkly phone cover represents her eye-catching fashion sense and is perfect to balance juggling between serious work mails and some fun live streaming on social media. 


Price: Rs.499

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