Alia Bhatt to Ananya Panday: Fashion trends you should follow based on your zodiac sign in 2022

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Alia Bhatt to Ananya Panday: Fashion trends you should follow based on your zodiac sign in 2022
Alia Bhatt to Ananya Panday: Fashion trends you should follow based on your zodiac sign in 2022

This season has been all about new fashion trends and we are pretty sure they are not going to stop coming. As a fashion enthusiast, it is natural to get overwhelmed by so many trends and face confusion on which trend to follow. After all, fashion is not only about getting on the bandwagon, it is also a symbolisation of your personality. Your individual fashion sense shows a deep insight on your personality and what makes you the most comfortable. Since your zodiac sign determines a few of your character and personality traits, we have curated an individual fashion trend for each zodiac sign that will suit them best based on their personality. So find out which fashion trend suits you the best according to your zodiac sign! 


Aries: Orange 

Kiara Advani


Aries are known to be fiercely energetic, dynamic, and impulsive people. Fear isn’t a word in their everyday vocabulary or in your wardrobe, Aries, so as you dare to be different in the new year, orange is the colour you should be seeking out. Despite its rise in popularity, orange is a difficult colour to style but an Aries will never back down from a challenge. Kiara’s orange pantsuit is bold yet vibrant - summing up an Aries personality. 


Taurus: Wide-Legged Pants 

Anushka Sharma 


Just like the bull that represents them, Taurus are known to be intelligent, dependable and stubborn people. Even though they are known to be the most fashionable sign, they put practicality over everything else and believe in functionality over form when it comes to fashion. They prefer a trend that is casually comfortable while also being stylish. Hence, wide-legged pants are ideal for a Taurus. Anushka teams her wide-legged jeans with an oversized sweatshirt defining a Taurus’ persona in the best way possible. 


Gemini: Trains 

Alia Bhatt 


Gemini are intelligent, outgoing and adaptable people who can easily carry off challenging trends that might not suit everybody. It is easy for them to take a risk and experiment with bold and dramatic styles. They love to be the centre of attention, and hence, a dramatic train would be the perfect fashion trend for them. Alia’s stunning red carpet dress featuring a long train is all things drama and glam.


Cancer: Stylish Sweatpants 

Sara Ali Khan 


Cancerians are known for being intuitive, caring, and over sensitive. They hate change and do not like moving out of their comfort zone. They are extremely homey people who love to be around familiarity. They prioritise being cosy over everything else and hence, rocking sweatpants with heels is the perfect trend for them. Sara Ali Khan teams her pastel tie-dye sweatpants with a cut-out bodysuit and pumps that is chic yet comfy, every Cancerian’s dream! 


Leo: Miniskirts 

Disha Patani 


Leos are vivacious, glamorous and love to be popular. They are natural risk-takers and they always want to be the centre of attention. A Leo would like nothing more than an opportunity to flaunt their legs in 2022! Miniskirts can be seen all year long in many variations. Worn in the hotter months to escape the heat and in the colder months as a layering piece in fall prints and colours. Disha’s denim skirt paired with a metallic top and heels screams Leo!


Virgo: Corsets 

Ananya Panday 


Virgos are practical, sensible and are known to be major perfectionists. They really do not want to go wrong with any of their looks. They prefer being chic and do not like to overdo it. They love to be stylish, but fads just aren’t your thing. So if a Virgo’s going to invest their money in a new piece it better be on something that’ll they’ll wear over and over again. That’s where the corset comes in. It can be worn with a skirt, over a dress and also with denims. Ananya teams a sultry black corset with a knitted pencil skirt and thigh-high boots, adding an edgy spin to winter fashion. 


Libra: Co-ord Sets 

Nora Fatehi 


Librans are highly artistic, intellectual and have a great sense of aesthetics. It is no surprise that they want their outfits to look aesthetically pleasing too. We foresee a rise in the ‘90s co-ord style, and there’s no one better than the ever-balanced and light Libra to bring the trend back in full swing. Nora’s checkered co-ord set styled with gold jewellery is the definition of classy and bossy. 


Scorpio: Monochrome Looks 

Kareena Kapoor Khan 


Scorpions are determined, brave and mysterious. They carry a dauntless aura with them which can make everyone around them feel intimidated. They are well known for their intensity and seriousness, and there’s only one 2022 trend that can match their intimidating energy: monochromatic fits. Being able to wear one outfit with layering tones is so powerful and eye-catching that it’s perfect for the (to be honest) most intimidating sign in the zodiac.


Sagittarius: Flowy Dresses 

Katrina Kaif 


Sagittarians are independent, adventurous and optimistic and have a soft spot for easy-breezy looks. They have a special place in their heart for nature and oceans. “Easy, flowy, and effortless” are all words that could be attributed to Sagittarians and hence, they would love a flowy dress. Rather than a fancy dress that can only be worn on certain occasions, silhouettes that seamlessly transition from season to season and of course, from day to night, by layering a jacket, incorporating a pair of heels as the move for the new year. Katrina’s floral dress is breezy and has an undying elegance to it. 


Capricorn: Velvet 

Janhvi Kapoor 


Capricorns are known to be ambitious, persistent and disciplined. They are powerful people who do not like too much femininity and prefer something bolder, sophisticated and charismatic. Capricorns are the queens of getting dressed in a hurry and somehow making it look high end. They enjoy a balance of streamlined professional pieces with comfort for all-day wear, making velvet perfect for them! The fabric is soft enough to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug while fancy enough to go out on the town. Janhvi’s velvet gown may make her look like a ‘fancy Nancy’, but the fabric makes the outfit comfy and cosy.


Aquarius: Abstract Prints 

Kriti Sanon 


Aquarians are assertive, analytical and love to stay original. Their choices are usually unique and unconventional since they do not like to be a part of the herd. Since they often take an experimental approach to their style, patterns have long been their calling card, and that doesn’t have to change in 2022. The distorted and abstract prints with the use of colours, are just what they need to strut down the streets in a heady and jarring fashion. Kriti’s abstract printed dress sets her apart, while also making a statement.


Pisces: Layering On Point 

Deepika Padukone 


Pisceans are creative, empathetic and generous and are known to have a laid-back personality. They are known for taking a kind of boho approach to their clothing, preferring pieces that relate to their current state of emotions and reflect them. Therefore, intricate layering will unsurprisingly be the trend they may find themselves drawn to. It also allows them to draw comfort and still feel like they could attend a fashion week. Deepika flawlessly layers a red jacket over her dress adding a twist of elegance and class to the look. 


What is your zodiac sign and which fashion trend are you going to follow? Let us know in the comments below. 


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