Alia Bhatt, Katrina to Shraddha: Summer dresses that are PERFECT to wear on the sofa and to the supermarket

Now that most people are looking forward to stepping outside just to go to the supermarket, we round up what you could wear there!
Alia Bhatt, Katrina to Shraddha: Summer dresses that are PERFECT to wear on the sofa and to the supermarket
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Self isolation is getting to everybody. From giving haircuts to each other to dyeing roots at home to doing one's own eyebrows, upper lips and more, going outside, even to stock up on essentials has become something everybody looks forward to. Physical contact has been cut off from the world and the only way people get to see each other, is by heading out to stock up on essential goods. 
Memes of dressing up just to go to the supermarket are also going viral and we too think there is no better occasion (today) than to sport summer dresses that can be both perfect to wear and lounge in on the couch or have those team zoom meetings on and even wear to the supermarket. 

Alia Bhatt
Alia is known for her feminine and girly style so she has a bunch of summer dresses that we would love to get our hands on. This pink and red candy stiped dress in particular, is one of our absolute favourites. It is the perfect length to wear outside and even lounge in your balcony. 

Katrina Kaif 
Floral has always been Katrina's favourite print. From lehengas to sarees, she spares no occasion to sport her faovurite print. And what better to scream summer than floral prints! Pick out a simple floral noodle-strap outfit like she did to lounge at home and while heaidng out cover up with the help of a simple shurg or blazer. 

Shraddha Kapoor 
Denim is always in. Take inspiration from Shraddha Kapoor on how to pick out a spunky denim dress with abstract prints on it and show off your cute outfit while grocery shopping. 

Deepika Padukone
Blue and white make for the coolest summer colours and Deepika Padukone knows that! Pick out a gingham dress like she did for your skype call with friends and also to head out grocery shopping. 

Kriti Sanon
Shirt dresses are always fun and make for the perfect casual attire. Wear your oversized shirt as a dress at home and while heading out, pull our a pair of leggings under to make for a chic look. 

Priyanka Chopra Jonas 
For a modest yet simple look, pick out a maxi structured gingham dress like Priyanka Chopra did. Wear it with your favourite pair of white sneakers while heading out to the supermarket or wear with your fuzzy slippers at home for a cute look!

Which of the actress' looks are you going to take inspiration from? Comment below and let us know. 


Shraddha kapoor

Prettiest girl Shraddha Kapoor ♥️

KARTIRNA KAIF and kriti sanon and shraddha Kapoor is the MOST BEAUTIFUL in the world I LOVE you 2

Pinkvilla have u lost ur senses... people have issues putting food on the table, many , and u promoting these bimbos with their dresses... piss off already...its magazines like urself that have given these “so called” actors a big ego .... go to the slums n actually report what IS happening around u rather the. Showing these half naked idiots.. report on actual issues that facing the general public and after this covid is done then go back to kissing these peoples a**ses

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