Are you a fan of Alia Bhatt's fashion? Here are 5 pants we would LOVE to steal from her wardrobe

Published on Sep 21, 2019 03:52 PM IST  |  3.3M
Are you a fan of Alia Bhatt's fashion? Here are 5 pants we would LOVE to steal from her wardrobe
Are you a fan of Alia Bhatt's fashion? Here are 5 pants we would LOVE to steal from her wardrobe

Alia Bhatt - a talented actress, a youth icon and fashionista is known for her fashion sense. Be it a saree, an evening gown or an Anarkali, Alia knows how to carry her outfits with style and panache. Well, there's no doubt that the actress has some royal taste in Indian wear, but when it comes to casual wear, Alia's clothes are not only funky and trendy, but they truly define the street style. 


More than her Indian wear, we love the way she carries her pants. They are stylish, super comfy and Alia looks great in them. When it comes to pants, we always find ourselves going for regular jeans or trousers. But Alia's collection of pants has now given us some inspiration to experiment with our style. From culottes to baggy pants, here are 5 pants we wouldn't mind stealing from her wardrobe and wearing it regularly.


Black Baggy pants:



You can never go wrong with these pants. Pair them with a kurta or pair it with a shirt like Alia, these pants can work wonders in both ways. So, this wide-legged beauty might be one of the best additions to your wardrobe. 


Sequined pants:



Want to add some shimmer and shine to your daily outfit? Then, you better add these pants to your wardrobe right away. This sequined pant is perfect for a night out. Even as a solo item, these pants bring as much to the table in terms of attitude as any fully-sequined dress or bodycon outfit! Wear it as a cord, like Alia or wear it solo with a tee, these pants will shine and grab attention. 


Pastel culottes:



This pastel culotte is one of my favourite pants from Alia's wardrobe. The panel details on the side of the culotte add more drama to the outfit. It will give your work wardrobe a boost and a change from the regular trousers you’re seen in every day. 


Glossy PVC pants:



These PVC fabric joggers truly define the street style. They’re plain black joggers, but the fabric adds more to the outfit. Pair with a white basic tee and you are good to go with this one. 


Stripe pants:



Colourful pants on a summer afternoon? These pants are perfect for brunch dates and holidays. Pair with a crop top like Alia, or throw on a basic tee, these pants pretty much speak for themselves. 


Which one is your favourite and which one would you want to steal? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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