Balenciaga recreates the 99 cents Ikea bag; prices it above $2,000

The designer behind the creation speaks up about why it is priced so high, and how he is not the only one to recreate things.
Celebrity Style,Balenciaga,ikea,balenciaga bagBalenciaga recreates the 99 cents Ikea bag; prices it above $2,000
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Ikea bags are hugely popular since they are so functional and can fit almost anything. The cheap tote which costs barely 99 cents is also quite dynamic and also has a cult following thanks to its durability. But high-end designer Demna Gvasalia seemed to love the bag so much that he designed a tote almost identical to that of Ikea's, for his brand - Balenciaga. 

In a recent interview, the designer revealed the reason behind his almost identical recreation. 

Gvasalia revealed that he and his classmates at his college have always been drawn to famous blue bags because of their high functionality and longevity. He also talked about how he would store the Ikea bags much after making a run to the store. Which is why many years later he decided to take this love for the blue bag and turn it into a luxury leather bag and make it the "perfect example of ready-made". The Balenciaga tote is priced at $2,145 - a drastic price range from that of Ikea's. When questioned about the steep price of the accessory, he mentioned that it was because of the change in the brand's logo. "We changed the logo and we mad it beautifully out of leather that's why it costs so much money," 
The designer also stressed on the fact that he was far from the first to recreate a bag. Many designers have been known to make replicas of everything from vintage garments to utility objects and even relatively new outfits like jeans and tops. 
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