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Beyonce handled a major wardrobe malfunction so effortlessly that you must have not even noticed it

The global icon also made history as being the first black woman to headline the festival.
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Beyoncé's show-ceasing set at Coachella on Saturday night will probably stand out forever as two of the best, most spectacular hours in late mankind's history. Not only did Bey draw out the other previous individuals from Destiny's Child, sister Solange, spouse Jay-Z, and a literal marching band, she played out an endless setlist of her most prominent hits and moved up a relentless tempest — yet she did the majority of this while intrepidly engaging a potential closet breakdown. Continuously the expert, Bey didn't give a slipping shirt and hanging boot a chance to back her off; she just looked down to revise her best once — without overlooking anything — and most likely wouldn't have quit moving regardless of whether the boot had truly come the distance off.


In a video caught from the Coachella live stream and shared on Twitter by a fan, Beyoncé, was backed by a marching band, drumline, choir, and step group, played out the broadened form of 2006's "Get Me Bodied," as reported by a leading magazine. Wearing a sparkly camouflage bodysuit and coordinating thigh-high boots, Bey continued singing and moving as the V-neck of the bodysuit nearly flashed open (before she clandestinely straightened it out) and her right  boot descended to her calf.


The Beyhive, obviously, was fittingly inspired. Numerous took to Twitter to extol Beyoncé for declining to let the "wardrobe devil" disrupt Beychella, in light of the fact that not today, Satan. Others called attention to that no piece of clothing is worthy of the Queen. "Ain't no boots strong enough to hold Beyoncé," one individual appropriately observed.


As Beyonce is known to surprise her fans, she also unveiled a new line of exclusive ‘Chella’ merchandise for fans. The sale didn’t go up live till the popstar played at around 11.05 pm.


The merchandise are all very laid back, high on the cool quotient; it includes printed t-shirts and tanks with a pyramid printed on it and also captions that read, “BEYONCE COACHELLA CA’18”. The t-shirts range between $40-50. A bright yellow jacket with the prints of Egyptian queen Nefertiti, a panther, a bee and a raised fist will also be a part of the merchandise and was worn by the pop singer on stage during her performance. The varsity jacket will cost one a whopping $450 but since it is Beyonce, you know it is worth it. From the looks of it, it seems like the merchandise was inspired by black colleges and universities.

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