Cannes 2018: Kristen Stewart takes off her heels and walks barefoot on the red carpet

As it started raining, Kristen Stewart took off her Christian Louboutin heels and walked barefoot on the red carpet
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Cannes 2018 is underway and all the eyes are stuck on it. The film festival is held annually in Cannes, France. The fest previews new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the World. The film festival boasts of a lot of influential celebrities and that brings a lot of fodder. Kristen Stewart has always been that one actor who has broken norms and literally lived life on her own terms and yet again she pulled off another ‘wow’ moment. The Twilight actor who was also a member of of this year’s jury at the film festival took off her heels and walked barefoot on the red carpet.


Stewart, came dressed in a silver metallic full sleeve short outfit with heavy embellishments on it. She wore a pair of skyrocketing Christian Louboutin heels with her outfit. As the weather changed (quite literally) and as it started pouring, our beloved Ms. Stewart took off her heels and walked up the stairs to attend the screening of Spike Lee’s film, BlacKkKlansman.


Kristen is not new to the whole ‘heels’ story. Last year the actress openly spoke about what she thinks about the dress code for women at Cannes. In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, she said, "There's definitely a distinct dress code, right? People get very upset if you don't wear heels or whatever. I feel like you can't ask people that any more - it's a given. If you're not asking guys to wear heels and a dress, you cannot ask me either."


Kristen isn’t the first person to be pulling off this stunt. Back in 2016, Julia Roberts walked barefoot at Cannes 2016 for the premier of Monkey Monster.


It is a glamorous festival. Cannot go there with jeans and snickers.

Love her. She just follows her heart. Such a rebel.

If this was done by an Indian actress, media fans everyone else would have been bashing left right & center

why force women to wear such high heels? High heels are bad for legs and not all are comfortable wearing them.... Cannes should allow women to wear whatever footwear they want.. She is right in protesting against such rules...

She always tries to be different and unique by pulling off such kinds of antics! Irritating!!!

She was such a pretty girl in Twilight. She had potential. I don't know what is this happening to her.

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