Chanel joins the bandwagon: Announces it will NOT use exotic animal skins

After Coach Burberry, Versace, etc. the French luxury house steps up to take a stand
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Joining the bandwagon of merging fashion and ethics, luxury brand Chanel announced that they will "no longer use exotic skins" in future creations. The official statement was released by the French luxury house just before the pre-fall show on Monday. 
The statement could have been made by the brand to avoid any conflict between animal rights activists, as it was made just before the show. The exotic skins that Chanel was known for using included crocodiles, lizards, snakes, sharks and stingrays. Furthermore, the brand also announced that they will no longer be using fur in their products as it has become increasingly difficult to source the material which matches their ethical standards. 
Chanel is not the first luxury brand to make this decision. Recently, Stella McCartney also announced a fund to ensure that waste produced form labels does not pollute the environment. More and more brands have also decided to eliminate fur products from their lines and are now focusing on ethical and sustainable methods to manufacture products. 
This only means that the products of these brands that have been manufactured with exotic leather goods will become more valuable in both the resale and fresh markets because of its rarity. 
What do you think of Chanel's decision? Do you stand by it? Let us know in the comment section below. 
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Thank you!

hermes ru listening..its about time..

Thank you! This was long overdue. I hope other brands follow suit.

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