Chanel vows to pay 100 percent salaries to its employees amid the lockdown

While most companies have halted their operations, Chanel still vows to pay 100% salaries to its employees regardless of the lockdown. Find out more
Chanel vows to pay 100% salaries to its employees amid the lockdown
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The world has come to a standstill ever since the Coronavirus broke out. The easily spreading virus has forced everyone to stay indoors which has slowly started affecting business all over the world. With no employees managing to reach work, operations of many companies have halted with people unable to make ends meet. 

While this is the case, a lot of organisations and companies are coming forward with ways to secure their human capital. There’s no denying the fact that - no company survives without their employees and Chanel is making sure to secure them. In a recent statement reported by Vogue, Chanel has assured that it will not resort to partial employment. It will be 100 percent of salaries to its employees from March 16th till 8th May without taking any help from the government. 

Considering it is one of the biggest fashion labels in the world, this initiative definitely sets an example for others!

Not just that, the company has also pledged to donate 1.2 million Euros through financial contributions. Not just that, Chanel has also donated 50,000 masks to hospital staff and is now working towards making more by mobilising its manufacturers into doing that!

Considering the fact that there’s no proper date as to when the pandemic will stop, the companies are at higher risk of losses. With no customers to buy products and no human capital to work in industries, the companies might suffer and these initiatives help sustain the employees for longer. 

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