Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan: We recall all the best eyeliner trends over the years

If you aren’t big on makeup, a perfectly done eyeliner has the power to lift up your face. We round up all the best eyeliner trends from over the years. Check it out!
Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan: We recall all the best eyeliner trends over the years Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan: We recall all the best eyeliner trends over the years
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This season the runway was soaked with colours, sparkle, sustainability and texture, above the neck. The world saw some eccentric and flawless makeup skills on the runway and it was quite a sight for the fashion and beauty aficionados. For romantic rose petals around the eyes at Giambattista Valli to jaw dropping glittery eyes at Anna Sui, this season was big around embellishing the eye. We don’t know if eyes are the window to our soul but they sure are one of the most enigmatic features. Irrespective of all the hottest makeup trends making the rounds currently, nothing can beat a good ol’ eyeliner. 


Over 12 thousand years ago, eyeliners first appeared in ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. Eyeliners started off as protective shields for the eyes from the dust and weather and ended up as makeup essentials. Over the years, makeup has been through a lot of transformation but an eyeliner has remained constant. Though, the ways of applying eyeliner vary from decade to decade. So we have curated a list consisting of your beloved celebs rocking different eyeliner trends over the years. Thank us later!

Classic cat eye


Back in 2007, Deepika Padukone in her debut feature Om Shanti Om glided down the red carpet and bowled everyone over with her perfect smile and eyes. Decked up in a 70’s inspired outfit, her makeup which highlighted her best feature caught our attention. The diva’s eyes were accentuated with perfectly done cat eyes. A classic, cat eyes are here for the long haul and still adored by many. 

The winged liner


An updated version of the cat eye, a winged liner is much more dramatic. All the hours and energy one has to put in for creating the perfect wing is absolutely worth it once you see the outcome. For those who love to add a bit of drama to a subdued outfit, a winged eyeliner might just do the trick for you!

Exaggerated winged liner


The late singer Amy Winehouse took the winged liner to a whole new level by amplifying the trend. Amy used to wear a deep black and hectic winged eyeliner which took the 2000’s by storm. Soon everyone was opting for a heavy winged liner and swapping back to black! 

Hectic eyeliner


There is something about singing the blues with heavy eye makeup. Adele went through a phase of overplaying her eyes with a thick layer of eyeliner and lush curled out lashes with ample mascara. The hectic eyeliner which eliminates the wing still is as dramatic as a winged liner.     

Slim flick 


Before the 2000’s, which saw the end of thin Kate Moss eyebrows also saw the departure of a thin black eyeliner. As we see many 90’s trends making a comeback on the runways, thin eyeliners are a major beauty trend right now. They perfectly compliment the ‘no makeup’ look and appropriately bring out the eyes. We hope the thin eyebrow trend doesn’t bounce back, fingers crossed!

Barely there


With a gradual move towards minimalism, the smudged eyeliner is making a big wave in the makeup industry. As she walked for Amit Aggarwal at Lakme Fashion Week, Kareena Kapoor Khan pulled off the ultimate ‘no makeup’ look. She wore neutral makeup, a nude lip hue and a subtle black smudged eyeliner. More power to minimalism! 

Colour ‘em


We also see celebs shifting away from the traditional and conventional black eyeliner. Take Priyanka Chopra Jonas for instance, for her appearance at Cannes 2019 Chopra opted for a stunning lilac sequin number. The Sky Is Pink star kept her glam minimal and wore a stroke of powder blue liner over her eyes. 

Glittery eyes


Adhering to the classic cat eye, singer/songwriter Selena Gomez opted for a shade of electric blue eyeliner. Because everything is better with glitter right? An ideal way to add the much needed oomph to a minimalistic cat eye. 

Through all the eyeliner trends over the years, which one is your favourite? Comment below and let us know. 

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