Deepika Padukone teams her denim jumpsuit with an interesting pair of shoes : Yay or Nay?

Deepika was snapped at the airport tonight as she left for NYC to attend the Met Gala. She wore a jumpsuit from Agolde and heels by Balenciaga
Deepika Padukone teams her denim jumpsuit with an interesting pair of shoes
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It's May and it can only mean one thing.. the Met Gala is here! The 2019 Met Gala is all set to take place at the Costume Institute at the Met Museum in NYC on Monday i.e. 6th of May 2019. The event is held on the first Monday of May each year and is attended by everyone important from the film, fashion and music industry. Deepika Padukone is also an invitee to this major event and this will be her third consecutive year where she will be walking up the Met stairs in a designer, couture piece.

While we still wait a bated breath to see which designer she is going to wear this year, we have her airport look to talk about. DP's airport look has always been comfortable and simple, but she does like to throw in a few fun pieces here and there, and once in a while. Her today's look was simple and comfortable as the actress strut through the airport wearing a denim jumpsuit from Agolde. While the oversized jumpsuit with a long belt cinching her waist looked chic on her, we had our eyes on her shoe choice. The 'Padmavat' actress decided to team her denim jumpsuit with a pair of hot pink, knife mules by Balenciaga. The look was finished off with a pair of round sunnies and her trusted black Celine tote.

Now, I love a pop of colour and these hot pink mules is something that I wouldn't have thought of putting together with the jumpsuit in question. But did the pairing work? I think yes! What do you think?

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Awful look!

Denim in summer?

that makes her a bigger loser than I had imagined she would be. Why project a look for a few meters of paparazzi click....specially when it so obviously clashes with the purpose of where she is heading to.

Who is this man with oily face?

Sara stop with the self praising comment.Stop it

This is the reason I prefer Sara Ali over these wannabes

I agree that the jumpsuit is not a practical choice for a long haul flight.
Supposing she'd worn it to an appropriate even, a pair of wedge sandals would go better with the look. The formal closed shoe is a misfit.

Why do these ladies try so hard to look perfect for airport photos seems ridiculous to me. In the movies they are stars but at the airport they are travelers. Being normal in real life connects to public more than being stars. The more audience connects to actors the more we love them. I don’t understand how they don’t seem to understand. They can take us to fantasy world when we watch movies but outside of movie it is better to be seen as one among us. Look at Rajanikanth. He never wears wig or make up in real life. People still worship him, love him because we can see ourselves in his looks. That’s made him special. Actresses should know this and stop looking like the way they are in movies in real life.

This jumpsuit is a really bad choice for a long flight to NY. How is she going to use the restroom? Yes, you guessed it right - she's gonna change into something more comfy in the airport washroom. Also looks like she has an extra pair of comfy shoes packed for the flight as well. This entire look with the shoes are just to get clicked for the "perfect airport look".

Jumpsuit in a plane lol

yay. deepika wears clothes better than models. this is a perfect travel outdit



This is something new i really like it ..When i first saw the thumbnail which was not clear b/cuz of headline ,I thought she is wearing red shoes and i was like why?? But when i opened the post and saw full pic and was like wow!! Love the shoes.

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