Dior’s latest show sent out a thought provoking feminist message

The latest Autumn-Winter show held at the Paris Fashion Week, made a powerful statement about feminism.
Celebrity Style,Dior,feminism,feminism in fashionDior’s latest show sent out a thought provoking feminist message
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High end fashion brands come with an unmatched legacy. The legacy comes from the idealogies of the brand and the deisgners associated with them. One such example, was Karl Lagerfeld who recently passed. One of the most complicated people in the world of fashion, he managed to change the game of Chanel and made the brand what it is today. His principles and thoughts though, can be questioned.

Another brand that holds an unmatched legacy, is Dior. The creative head – Maria Grazia Chiuri took over the reigns back in 2016 and framed the French fashion house in a new way. Her latest show at the 2019 Paris Fashion Week made a statement and took feminism forward. Her show opened with artiste Bianca Pucciarelli Menna, aged 88, reading a poem in Italian. This poem spoke about a time when women would reign victorious over male governance and society, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The backdrop of the show presented pictures taken by the speaker, of her naked body. These pictures had letter-like poses that spelt out Dior.

The luxury brand took to Instagram to talk about this show. With a picture of the backdrop, the caption read, “Be among the first to see how the Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 show by #MariaGraziaChiuri draws on the ABCs. Each letter represents a different woman, forming a poem made of an alphabet by the Italian artist Tomaso Binga (Pucciarelli’s male pseudonym), a woman who chose a masculine pseudonym to parody the previliges reserved to men alone.”

At the show, signature pieces like bar jackets and skirts were displayed. But their latest offering also included a silkscreened T-shirt that paid tribute to Robin Morgan, an old feminist poet.

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