Dolce & Gabbana Cancelled Show: 200 employees held by the Chinese police; passports seized

After their show in Shanghai got cancelled, a string of controversies took place, but still D&G is not doing a good job at apologizing to the Chinese.
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The luxurious Italian fashion house is in a controversial situation yet again. And, this time they have offended the Chinese. An advertisement that was released by D&G made fun of the Chinese who were made to eat Italian food with chopsticks. People in no time rebelled against the Italian fashion house. In response, D&G came up with hashtags like #DGLovesChina and #DGTheGreatShow. However, this didn’t seem to work as the popular Instagram account Diet Prada leaked controversial chats with Stefano Gabbana where he called China shitty. Multiple allegations followed that hit the arrow on how racist he is. Stefano covered the whole thing by saying that their Instagram account was hacked. Way to go Gabbana, you have disappointed us.

With the media frenzy that came along with the entire controversy, the models denied to walk the show. Later, the Bentley Modelling Agency released a statement saying that 24 models have dropped out and will leave the show. In addition to that, popular Chinese celebrities revolted back with calling D&G - ‘SHIT’.


The most awaited Shanghai show was then cancelled. The preparations had already begun and approximately 200 people had flown to the city for the big show. After the Chinese were raged about the whole fiasco, the news reached to the police. Diet Prada revealed that the 200 people working on the show were held and couldn’t leave. Not just that, their passports were also seized. So much for working on a show that is not even yours!

The D&G stores all over China now have guards to protect it. Following that, Dolce & Gabbana released a statement which said that the show was a tribute to China an expressed ‘gratitude’ instead of issuing an ‘apology’. There are also rumours that Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce could be with the police right now.

There are further rumours which state that Dolce & Gabbana will relaunch their brand with only Domenico Dolce on board. We wonder how that will work! The Chinese are now upset and have started posting videos bashing the brand. Videos of people burning D&G shoes and throwing them in the dustbins are further creating a movement on most social media platforms.

What are your thoughts on the entire D&G controversy?

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Chinese govt & their authority is worse than whatever D&G did. They do treat their own citizens like shit, specially the ones who voice any level of criticism against their own country.

Half information. They were all escorted to their hotels within few hours and asked to leave the country it seems. They are not held in jails there.

Please for heaven sake, release all those 200 employees. what did they do? Seize their passports? Communist has shown its true color. Thank god I live in Democratic country.

Chinese are so racist themselves

True totally agree with your view...

Chinese govt reaction is worse than D&G's. What did the 200 odd employees do? Why held them and their passports? Just ban D&G and be done with. Don't punish its employees.

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