Don’t know which colour suits you best? Now choose a colour based on your skin tone

Now fill your wardrobe with colours that will complement your skin tone and make you stand out.
Don’t know which colour suits you best? Now choose a colour based on your skin tone Don’t know which colour suits you best? Now choose a colour based on your skin tone
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Your skin tone is your prized possession and you must always carry it with utmost confidence. Your skin tone is broadly classified in two parts: skin undertones and skin complexions. Your skin undertone is the colour from underneath the surface of your skin that affects your overall hue. Your undertone can either be cool, warm or neutral and it does not change with outer alterations. It plays a major deciding factor when it comes to your makeup essentials like foundation, concealer and blushes. Skin complexion is the shade that we see. It is categorised into fair/pale, medium/olive and dark/dusky. If you are facing confusion deciding which colours will suit your skin tone the best, then this guide will help you choose the best colours based on your shade. Although fashion is all about confidence and you can literally nail any look with the right amount of confidence, this guide just portrays which colours you can safely experiment with without a worry! 


Fair/Pale Skin 

If your skin tone falls on the lighter side, then you must remember that certain light colours might wash you out. Although pastels are so in rage right now, they might not be the best choice for you. You need to experiment with colours that will complement your skin tone and will make you stand out. Focus on the darker side of the palette and fill your wardrobe with rich and vivid colours. You may also opt for shimmery and metallic outfits that will make you shine in a crowd. You can always wear soft pastels but just remember to add a pop of colour to your ensemble and take it up a notch! 


Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor sure knows how to wear colours that complement her fair skin tone in this royal blue ruffled neck maxi dress that also has a pop of orange on the waist. The blue looks radiant against her skin and makes a great colour for her! 


Katrina Kaif 


Although Katrina Kaif looks impeccable in any shade, the darker shades definitely suit her better. This orange ruched bodycon dress brings out the best in her and flawlessly suits her pale skin tone, making her stand out. 


Olive/Medium Skin 

Most of the Indian population is blessed with this skin tone and they are definitely lucky since they have a wide range of colours to choose from! If this is your skin tone, then you must opt for bright and popping colours, or soft pastels and whites. When it comes to choosing from the colour palette, go for colours on the darker side or the extremely light side and avoid the middle ones. That means you need to stay away from colours that will blend with your skin like neutral or ‘nude’ colours namely, deep mustard, olive and lime. Fill your wardrobe with bright and vivid colours that will add a contrast to your skin tone. 


Deepika Padukone 


Deepika looks like an absolute goddess in this bright purple gown and suits her like a dream. The vividness of the purple colours brings out her complexion and highlights her best features. 


Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Priyanka’s vibrant orange dress coordinates flawlessly with her complexion. The brightness of the outfit brings out the diva’s olive skin tone and makes her stand out in a crowd. 


Dark/Dusky Skin 

Those who have been blessed with some extra melanin in their body can wear vibrant colours that will add a pop of colour to their looks. They must avoid dark shades like black, brown and mustard as these shades might match their skin. They must opt for brighter and lighter colours that will give them a luminous glow and will not dim their shine. There is absolutely no other colour that they cannot wear and hence, they are free to experiment with colourful outfits. Subtle white outfits will look the best on them and they must stay away from deep browns and navy that might dull their appearance. 


Lisa Haydon Lalvani


Lisa Haydon always manages to make a strong statement with her stunning outfits. She looks absolutely glamorous in this bright red gown that brings out her dark brown skin and also adds an effortless elegance. 


Bipasha Basu Singh Grover 


Bipasha is seen shining bright like a star in this bottle green shirt that she has so effortlessly pulled off. The vibrancy of the casual shirt brought out a brightness on Bipasha’s dusky skin tone that can so clearly be seen in this picture. 


What is your skin tone and which colour suits you the best? Let us know in the comments below. 


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