Emily in Paris will take you a fashionable roller coaster ride but in the French way

Web show Emily in Paris will take you to fashion heavens and we are in awe of everyone’s style!
Emily in Paris will take you a fashionable roller coaster ride but in the French wayEmily in Paris will take you a fashionable roller coaster ride but in the French way
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Gossip Girl, Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City - what do all of these have in common? While they are filled with a fantasy storyline and full of cliche romantic scenes, you’d definitely find one more thing in common that is ‘EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ARE HIGH ON FASHION.’ They’ve easily managed to become a cult favourite for every fashionista out there and it’s safe to say that we have yet another addition to the list! Netflix’s new original series, Emily in Paris is literally right up every girl’s alley who loves all things fashion and romance. 

While Paris as a city in itself is enough to make you fall in love, it’s Lily Collins aka Emily Cooper who makes every second of every episode worth your while. While this does sound like a series review, trust us, when we say that it’s all about the outfits and it’s the only thing we’re here to discuss! You’ll see Emily blend in well with the Parisian air and you’ll love the transformation!

The story starts out in Chicago and so does Emily’s fashionable journey. You can clearly say that she blends in well with her surroundings and she definitely has something new to offer. Coming back to fashion, in a true American style, things start out with relaxed silhouettes, bomber jackets (we’ll discuss that later!), lots of plaid and sneakers. Even when it comes to plaid, colours are her favourite with yellow and red being prominent in the first episode. 

As soon as she reaches Paris, you’ll find her slowly leaving her old ‘sneaker self’ behind and turning into a French lady! With mini skirts, berets, red lips and bucket hats, her style is definitely one of a kind! 

It feels like the French air changed Emily and took a detour into her closet!
Priyanka Mody

Colours rule Emily’s closet and you’ll want to have it all! Over the course of 10 episodes, you’ll find her giving you a lesson on colour-blocking, how to rock print on print, how important accessories are and much more! You’d never see her without her boots or strappy heels even when she has to walk around the city or climb six flights of stairs!

Even when she wears an all-black work outfit, you’re bound to find a colour-blocked accessory! 

Talking about work outfits, things are taken a notch higher with slip dresses, lots and lots of layering, colourful boots and a heavenly collection of bags! Bucket hats, berets, totes and trench coats are just a tip of the iceberg in Emily’s closet. Now, in a Parisian twist, you’ll often find her rocking her ‘American’ bomber jackets over pleated skirts and dresses showing you how a relaxed silhouette that be turned into a fashionable piece in no time! 

Over the course of 10 episodes, we’ve not only managed to see her putting some of the most outrageous prints together but also found Emily mixing different styles of outfits in one! This lacy number paired with a dotted jersey and a printed bucket hat serves enough proof! 

While she’s left plenty of room for experimentation for her work-wear wardrobe, we loved the fact that she stuck to her classics when it came to evening wear! Strapless tulle dresses for a night by the Eiffel Tower and a classic show-stopping LBD for the Opera were her go-to, but not without a red lip!

If proper was a person, it’s Emily (in Paris!)
Priyanka Mody

Her long brunette mane was always on point in long cascading waves and a centre part. Even when (spoiler alert!) ‘Paris was weeping’ aka her breakup, you couldn’t see her letting her guard down and keeping things messy. 

While Lily Collins was definitely a flag-bearer of all things fashion, just like Emily, the entire cast was impeccably dressed to the toe! The men showed off their true French charm in all kinds of fits leaving us in awe of the country! Even when it came to their wardrobe, colours were the first choice and boy were they impressive! 

emily in paris fashion review

I’ve died and gone to fashion heaven!
Priyanka Mody

We love how fashion comes extremely easy to these characters, I mean, it does have creators of Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City to help them out, but you get our point right? It’s impressive how it just takes 10 episodes for us to fall in love with Paris and ‘fashion’ all over again! It’s no surprise that people cannot wait for Emily in Paris Season 2 and you can definitely count us on that list! 

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