EXCLUSIVE: Miss World Manushi Chhillar: “It’s the head that wears the crown”

Manushi Chhillar brought the Miss World crown back to India after 17 years
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Manushi Chhillar, one name and your heart fills in with pride. A young lady who is responsible for bringing back the Miss World crown back in the country after a long wait of 17 years. It was my first ever interaction with this stunner and boy, was I bowled over. Manushi was perfection personified. She was warm, poised, elegant yet had that burst of naughty giggle and smile. Nowhere did we feel that she was superior to us, she, later in the interview had mentioned to us that she is a people’s person and after meeting her I couldn’t have agreed more. Ms. Chhillar gave us an insight into her life, putting forward the layers of her life, her belief and what the crown means to her.


I started off by asking her the most unusual question (pun intended) how has her life changed ever since she became Miss World. The 21 years old giggled and answered, “Yes, very unusual! Life has changed all over. More than medical coats I’m wearing coats of makeup on me. But I’m getting to travel so much, learn so much, getting to experience so many things, so it’s been quite an experience.”



Life surely has come a full circle for Manushi, from being judged at the Miss India contest only last year to now being a judge herself, to this the beauty flaunts her infectious smile and answers, “Oh my god! Yesterday when I was taking the personal interviews I saw everyone, spoke to them and it got stretched so much. We were supposed to end 5 hours before the time we actually ended, because I loved talking to the girls. I realised I was in the same shoes, what they are thinking, what they are feeling. Now that I am judging I can understand if they are acting in a certain way then why are they doing that and my experience helps me being a judge.”


Chhillar is easily one of the most relatable faces in India. When we quipped that she was a student till last year, she jumped in and said that she still is. A face so composed and poised responsible for bringing back the crown back to our homeland after a good 17 years and to everyone who looks up to her, she says that embracing change is very important. She further adds, “A lot of people block everything when they see a big change in their life but for me I think I was just open to it. I took it in but I also didn’t get carried away with it, so you’ve to always keep a balance between that. For me, it was drastic; like literally a transition from black to white but I embraced it. So, I tell everyone who is probably undergoing change that metamorphosis is something that is going to happen in your whole life but sometimes when it is fast, do not block it, do not completely flow with it. Just learn from it and adapt to it according to your own comfort. Also, I feel that I really have a good people’s connect. I still am a student, I still am the same girl, I do understand people and it helps me when I travel around the globe as Miss World.”


Every girl aspires to have a crown on her head; become Miss India and represent her country on an International platform but back here in India there are a lot of stigmas attached. Manushi answered to that saying that her parents have always supportive of her decision and even if she decided to become a wrestler, they would have happily let her follow her heart. Chhillar, also accepted that she herself never had any inhibitions about beauty pageants. The beauty with the brains believes that the key is to do something that makes you happiness from your heart.


“It’s not about having a crown on your head, it is not. It is about the head that wears a crown,” our Miss World, Manushi Chhillar concluded.


And no one could have put that better. Live high, live with pride. Do what you love and love what you do.



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