Fashion is going to become more responsible and will witness a shift: Sukriti Grover, Celebrity stylist

Like many other things, the fashion industry too, has been massively impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sukriti Grover opines on what changes will be seen after the pandemic.
Fashion is going to be more responsible and will witness a shift: Sukriti Grover, Celebrity stylist
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In a COVID ravaged world where the rules of business are getting written afresh, the fashion industry is getting a makeover. The Pandemic has shown the world how economic, environmental, and human lives are all interconnected.  

Sustainability, eco-friendly and minimalism are a few immediate alterations that the fashion industry will go through. Since so long, fashion weeks have been a staple event, but the pandemic will surely change the future of fashion shows. From virtual fashion shows to department shows, antiviral material innovation, reformed businesses modules with a localised approach towards production and launch of fewer collections would become the 'New Normal'. 

The truth is that the longer we stay in this pandemic, the more our fashion industry will evolve and adapt to a newer circumstance. And the speedy change will be witnessed through consumer purchase and demand. The lockdown has changed the consumer’s life and the brands must change as per the consumer’s needs. Today, the customers are going to spend mindfully, which means fewer impulse purchase, rise in the discount culture and the end consumer will need the ‘push’ to buy the product. This will further change the purchase sentiments for the consumers. They are going to be ‘need-driven’ and not ‘want-driven.’ 

The collections would become smaller, lesser and seasonless. Fashion will look at a greener and fairer future with the consumer being more conscious and the world will move towards a sustainable way of life in general. The situation has made us witness the drift in consumer attitude, and how today, comfort wins over style. ‘Less is more’ is the key as the de-cluttering wardrobes. The fashion industry came together to support the cause of staying indoors and not losing touch with their end consumers on social media. Businesses are going to have to re-strategise, re-focus on their marketing campaigns and alter their services. The future of fashion is going to be more responsible and will witness a shift in the industry landscape. 

For some legacy labels, it will not be easy to make the digital leap overnight. Several retailers and big brands are shutting stores and cancelling orders as virtual shopping has not picked up the slack. Online shopping is growing but the consumer is still hesitant. Live streaming of garments to push sales is growing. Video conferencing and contactless deliveries are another alternative option and are the best and most sustainable way forward for businesses in the 'New Normal'. 
Tech is working hard and is going to get more innovative and customers will not miss going to the store. A great online experience is what is going to attract customers, so brands and companies will have to innovate and focus more on digital and virtual experiences. We are going to witness a renewed revolution of the digital era with newer technologies and applications! 

Quality over quantity will become the new motto, and it will be okay to wear the same thing repeatedly, thus pushing off the pressure on a brand. The industry will have to re-think the old ways and welcome the new wave of fashion revolution.  

Author: Sukriti Grover is a celebrity stylist. She has styled celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Radhika Madan and Tamannaah Bhatia to name a few. 

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LOL! Get with it moron!! It has already happened. Jump on the bandwagon as usual India.