Fashion trends you can follow in 2021 based on your Zodiac Sign

If you are confused about which fashion trend will suit you the best? Let your stars decide that for you.

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Fashion trends you can follow in 2021 based on your Zodiac Sign
Fashion trends you can follow in 2021 based on your Zodiac Sign

This season has been all about new fashion trends and we are pretty sure they are not going to stop coming. As a fashion enthusiast, it is natural to get overwhelmed by so many trends and face confusion on which trend to follow. After all, fashion is not only about getting in the bandwagon, it is also a symbolisation of your personality. Your individual fashion sense shows a deep insight on your personality and what makes you the most comfortable. Since your zodiac sign determines a few of your character and personality traits, we have curated an individual fashion trend for each zodiac sign that will suit them best based on their personality. So find out which fashion trend suits you the best according to your zodiac sign! 

Aries: Jackets and Layers 

Pooja Hegde 

Aries are known to be fiercely energetic, dynamic, and impulsive people. They may not like spending too much time styling themselves but at the same time they are keen on being fashion-forward. Jackets and layers would be the perfect trend for this fire sign to experiment with. Pooja Hegde sets a good example of layering in this tangerine crop top and high waist cropped pants that she layered with a longline floral jacket. 

Taurus: Denim Outfits 

Nora Fatehi 

Just like the bull that represents them, Taurus are known to be intelligent, dependable and stubborn people. They put practicality over everything else and believe in functionality over form when it comes to fashion. They prefer a trend that is casually comfortable while also being stylish. Hence, denim outfits and denim-on-denim is what they must opt for. They can take inspiration from Nora Fatehi’s outfit where she is seen slaying the casual look with denim pants and a denim shirt. The front-knotted crop top that she donned underneath perfectly broke the monotony of the outfit. 

Gemini: Puff Sleeves 

Anushka Sharma 

Gemini are intelligent, outgoing and adaptable people who can easily carry off challenging trends that might not suit everybody. It is easy for them to take a risk and experiment with bold and dramatic styles. Thus, puff sleeves will be a great way for them to show off their personality and stand out in a crowd just the way they like it! Anushka Sharma’s uber glamorous and edgy puffed sleeve dress was all about the drama and exaggeration. She raised the style bar and stole all the attention with this metallic mini sheath dress with bold puff sleeves. 

Cancer: Minimalistic Dresses 


Katrina Kaif 

Cancerians are known for being intuitive, caring, and over sensitive. They hate change and do not like moving out of their comfort zone. They are extremely homey people who love to be around familiarity. Hence, they are hesitant when it comes to experimenting with fashion trends. They prefer subtle outfits which have a grace and a feminine touch to them. They tend to stick to minimalistic outfits that are not too loud but are still fashionable. Katrina Kaif’s pristine white dress makes just the right choice for Cancerians. The off-shoulder dress featured delicate ruffle detailing and a structured corset with long sheer sleeves. 

Leo: Neon 

Janhvi Kapoor 

Leos are vivacious, glamorous and love to be popular. They are natural risk-takers and they always want to be the centre of attention. Just like a lion, they possess a confident and fierceful aura that can be personified with bright and vibrant colours. Thus, the neon trend is the one they must follow! Just like Janhvi Kapoor’s neon strapless silk dress that made a strong fashion statement. The ravishing thigh-high dress featured a flowing tail and a sweetheart neckline, perfect for all the Leo’s out there! 

Virgo: Monochrome Looks 

Kriti Kharbanda 

Virgos are practical, sensible and are known to be major perfectionists. They really do not want to go wrong with any of their looks. They prefer being chic and do not like to overdo it. They like to maintain a certain consistency and uniformity. Therefore, a classic monochrome look that is tried and tested makes a great fashion trend for them to follow. Kriti Kharbanda took the monochrome look to the next level with this sunshine yellow blazer dress that she paired with studded yellow pumps. 

Libra: Funky Prints 

Sara Ali Khan 


Librans are highly artistic, intellectual and have a great sense of aesthetics. It is no surprise that they want their outfits to look aesthetically pleasing too. They have a wild side to them and they enjoy standing out in a crowd. Hence, funky and psychedelic prints would make a great trend for them to follow. Librans also love to stay colourful just like Sara Ali Khan’s printed mini dress that featured all the popping and vibrant colours. 

Scorpio: Leather 

Deepika Padukone 

Scorpions are determined, brave and mysterious. They carry a dauntless aura with them which can make everyone around them feel intimidated. They have a great sense of flair and can carry themselves much effortlessly as compared to the others. The water sign would prefer a fashion trend that would bring out their bold and enigmatic personality. Thus, leather is just the perfect trend for them. Deepika Padukone’s vibrant green outfit featured faux leather pants and a soft knitted backless top. The actress gave the outfit a sporty spin by pairing the ensemble with matching Air Jordans. The boldness of the outfit from head-to-toe is just what Scorpions like! 

Sagittarius: Florals 

Ananya Panday 

Sagittarians are independent, adventurous and optimistic and have a soft spot for easy-breezy looks. They have a special place in their heart for nature and oceans since they love to travel to the mountains and beaches. They do not fuss much about their clothing however, a floral piece would really suit their personality and uplift their mood. Ananya’s cute and graceful floral co-ord set featuring a crop top and a matching flutter skirt represented every Saggitariun’s dream outfit that is both easy-going as well as fun! 

Capricorn: Pantsuits 

Kiara Advani 

Capricorns are known to be ambitious, persistent and disciplined. They are powerful people who do not like too much femininity and prefer something bolder, sophisticated and charismatic. Hence, a pantsuit would make the perfect fashion trend for them. They emit a bossy aura and also tend to make great leaders. Just like Kiara Advani’s red pantsuit featuring a deep neckline and a satin bow detailing that gave us major boss lady goals. 


Aquarius: One-Shoulder Outfits 

Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Aquarians are assertive, analytical and love to stay original. Their choices are usually unique and unconventional since they do not like to be a part of the herd. It is easy for them to don outfits that might be difficult for others to pull off. One-shoulder outfits would make an exceptional trend for them. It is quirky and yet extremely stylish. Kareena Kapoor Khan effortlessly represented the perfect Aquarius style with this one-shoulder grey tunic with straight pants that made her the center of attraction. 

Pisces: Pastels 

Kriti Sanon 

Pisceans are creative, empathetic and generous and are known to have a laid-back personality. They prefer to go-with-the-flow and like to fill their wardrobes with calming and soothing tones. Pisceans like to keep it simple and soft and hence, sorbet pastel tones are an apt fashion trend. Kriti Sanon’s mint green dress is definitely a closet essential for all the Pisceans. It oozes a subtle drama with a delicate charm, and makes a great choice for an everyday look. 


What is your zodiac sign and which fashion trend are you going to follow? Let us know in the comments below. 

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