Gigi Hadid to Deepika Padukone: Easy ways to look 'model chic' in your comfiest outfits

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Gigi Hadid to Deepika Padukone: Easy ways to look 'model chic' in your comfiest outfits

Ever wondered how models and actresses look so put together at all times? While their outfits seem to be extra comfy, there’s a whole lot of styling that goes behind making them look effortless. It might seem that they don’t care and are wearing just a pair of baggy jeans and an oversized tee, but what makes them look ‘chic’ are the little elements in their outfits that end up elevating the look. So to make the job of looking effortless easy for you, here are a few looks and easy ways to look ‘model chic.’

Gigi Hadid 

It might just look like the supermodel has thrown in a few accessories and elements to step out for a stroll with her daughter, Khai in the city. But, it’s the outfit, the elements and the colour blocking of it all that ensure all eyes are on her. To recreate her look, all you need to do is layer a bright coloured jacket or blazer over your baggy jeans and crop top. Adding to it, a matching printed scarf will add colour and print to the outfit while a contrasting pair of bright yellow socks will tie the look together. Sunglasses and gold accessories are another way to add spice to your outfit. 

Hailey Bieber

While Gigi Hadid stuck to contrasting elements and colour, Hailey binded the look together by balancing out the orange elements in her outfit. It all starts with the orange piping on her baggy sweater that she balanced out with her kicks. A little effort in choosing the same coloured mask and sunglasses with the same tint ended up elevating the look to a whole new level. It’s comfortable yet show-stealing! 

Deepika Padukone

It’s clearly a season of bright colours and what better way to look chic than going all out with unusual colours? Deepika’s monochromatic look is the testimony of how you can pair pieces from the same family of colour and still look fabulous. The play with textures is important when it comes to putting pieces together and a pair of kicks to look effortless while doing so! 

Disha Patani

Disha Patani and her collection of off-duty activewear looks have been stealing our hearts lately. Again, Disha opted for a pair of bright baggy pants that were a statement in it’s own. Showing off her toned torso in a white crop top and pair of sneakers adding a sporty touch is all you need to look chic yet effortless! 

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