Giving yourself a manicure at home? These are the 8 essential tools that you need

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Giving yourself a manicure at home? These are the 8 essential tools that you need
Giving yourself a manicure at home? These are the 8 essential tools that you need

Who doesn't love freshly done glossy nails? I do, obviously. Trendy nail arts and french manicures are a great way to pamper yourself. But if you don't want to take regular trips to the nail salon and want to try a manicure at home, we have got a lineup of every tool that you need in the process. Taking care of nails is an important part of our hygiene and if you want to indulge in it regularly, what's better than a quick DIY.

We have seen so many tools that a nail technician uses to give you the manicure of your dreams. Keep on reading if you want to know all the tools you need to indulge in mani-pedi while you keep binging on your favourite shows. 

Nail Cutter 

The nail cutter is the most basic tool in a manicure. Trim the nails and give them your desired shape while getting rid of all the dirt and bacteria residing on their tips.

Nail File 


A nail file is used to smooth out the rough edges of the nails. They even out your nails but make sure to go gentle on them.

Cuticle Pusher

The thin line of skin on the base of the nails is present to protect the nails from getting dirt under your skin. So instead of chipping away the cuticles, just push them back. It is painless and less damaging.

Nail Brush

Take a nail brush with soft bristles that will scrub and remove the dust particles from your hands and feet. Use some soap and the brush to create a lather across your nails and gently brush them. Use warm water to wash them and remember to sterilise after using it.

Nail Buffer

A nail buffer is a great way to make your nails super glossy and shiny. They smooth out your nails so that you are ready to apply a fresh coat of paint.

Creams and Scrubs


Exfoliation is important for our hands too. It removes all the accumulated dead cells from your skin making them all fresh and hydrated. Take a hydrating moisturiser or hand cream and apply it afterwards. 

Toe Separators


As the name itself suggests, toe separators are used to separate your toes so that you can easily apply your nail polish without getting it smudged. Life saver, right?

Nail Polish


Why are we going through all these manicures if we don't apply nail polish? Since we absolutely love painting our nails, a manicure without nail polish is basically incomplete. But first, you need to apply a base coat before you apply the polish. It protects the nails and keeps them from staining.

These are all the essential tools that you are going to need for a manicure. So don't just sit there thinking, go and pamper yourself.

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