Here's why an all black attire will NEVER go out of style

Do people often ask why you are always seen in the dark colour and often ask if you are gloomy or depressed because you wear black? Here are many reasons to love the shade and sport it at every occasion possible!
Celebrity Style,black outfits,all black everythingHere's why an all black attire will NEVER go out of style
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No matter what one's style preferences are, one colour palette that everybody agrees upon, whether it is the head honcho at Vogue - Anna Wintour or iconic fashion director who just passed - Karl Lagerfeld, is that black is always relevant, no matter the weather or time. It is the most versatile, classic and simple shade in the world of colours. 

A lot of people believe that the colour is too dark or sombre and not appropriate for all occasions, but people who swear by the shade beg to differ. Lighter palettes like pinks and purples tend to be considered more flirty and dainty, as compared to black which is considered moody. But there is absolutely nothing wrong and no look classier than an all-black one, and here's why!


Black is elegant and timeless

The initial notion is that black can only be worn to funerals since it is dark and gloomy. But the fact is that there is no colour that gives off the classy vibe that black does. Black outfits make one look more sophisticated and classy and give off a more impressionable look. 


It is hassle free

When it comes to lighter hues like whites, pinks and other shades, there is a possibility of them becoming dirty with food stains, dirt, etc. When it comes to black, there is no such problem. No coffee stains, dirt or dust will show on a black outfit. 




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It is slimming

Dressing head to toe in black is one of the simplest ways to look slimmer almost instantly. The dark colour gives the illusion that the person in the outfit is much skinnier than they actually are. Though this also has to do with the fit of the outfits (the more baggy the outfit, the larger one tends to look), the colour has a lot to do with it as well. 


Adds a sense of power to the look

According to research done in colour psychology, preference for black indicates prestige and power. They are inherently ambitious and there is a sense of trustworthiness associated with the colour. Which is exactly what makes it the preferred colour for workspaces. 


Seen as more attractive

According to another research conducted on colour study, more than 74% of men and women confessed that if their partner wore black on their first date, it made them even more attractive. It excudes self confidence and self assurity


It is diverse

The all black outfit looks as sexy in the form of jeans, jumpsuits, pantsuits and every other kind of outfit. All one needs for the perfect party, is a little black dress and they are sorted! Going for a gala event? Nothing better than a black gown. For weddings or special occasions, there is nothing better than a black suit for men. 





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It matches with every colour

You don't need to worry about a colour clashing with black. No matter how bright the yellow or orange shade might be, or no matter how dull the ivory shade, it all looks good with black. 




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What are your reasons for loving black? Comment below and let us know. 

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