Jabariya Jodi: Parineeti Chopra’s movie promotional looks has got us all CONFUSED

Jabariya Jodi co-stars Sidharth Malhotra and it released in theatres today
Jabariya Jodi: Parineeti Chopra’s movie promotional looks has got us all CONFUSEDJabariya Jodi: Parineeti Chopra’s movie promotional looks has got us all CONFUSED
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Friday has an extremely comforting ring to it. Every ardent movie buff waits patiently for Fridays to come so that they can go and catch up on the new movie which is releasing. This weekend fans will get a chance to experience the Bihar tadka in the form of Jabariya Jodi. The film which was initially slated to release on August 2nd will be releasing today, i.e. August 9th. 


Jabariya Jodi as we all know stars Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. The two have been painting the town red with their film promotions. Along with all the fun, dance and drama, promotions also give us major fashion style files. The film’s leading lady Parineeti Chopra served us various looks which were styled by Priyanka Kapadia. This time however, Parineeti failed to impress us with her style file. Most of her looks made her feel uncomfortable and didn’t flatter her body too. 


Let’s take you through some of her looks and we’ll let you be the judge of it. 


Her look from Khadkey Glassy



Let’s all take a minute to acknowledge this look which time travelled back to 2010. Be it the black lace shrug, the blue sports bra like crop top or those lycra palazzo pants, all of it looks like one big mess borrowed from the last decade. Let us also take a minute to talk about how hideous the makeup looks especially that blue eyeshadow. 


Green flared dress

Parineeti opted for this pistachio pastel green during the launch of her film's song. Given the outfit's flared silhouette it further made the actress look way broader. The naked heels too could barely help in saving the look. However, brownie points for her her and makeup as it does make her look pretty. 


Colour blocking



We were honestly left divided on this look. The orange really looks extremely off and the assymmetric silhouette of the skirt makes the look, look a bit untidy. However, we like the use of white as it balances the entire look really well. 





This one definitely has to be one of our least favourite looks. The black bodycon dress teamed with the camouflage green jacket makes for a very poor combination. The belt too really looks extremely unflattering. Also, the hair and makeup looks like it has been borrowed from another look. 


Green comotion!



We dont really understand this entire look. The tiered dress makes her look really broad and the colour too is looking really dull. The shoes dont go well with the outfit and the broad belt is making her upper part of the body look heavy. 


What did you think of Parineeti Chopra's promotional wardrobe for her film, Jabariya Jodi. Comment below and let us know. 


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