Janhvi Kapoor to Ananya Panday: 5 Fashion trends that Gen Z is bringing back

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Janhvi Kapoor to Ananya Panday: 5 Fashion trends that Gen Z is bringing back
Janhvi Kapoor to Ananya Panday: 5 Fashion trends that Gen Z is bringing back

From corsets to bucket hats, Gen Z has been borrowing trends from across decades and has managed to skip the fashion disaster phase. There are certain trends that resemble the boomerang effect. They always come back and make themselves known. Here are five retro fashion trends that Gen Z fashionistas have been rocking effortlessly. 


Flared Jeans 

Anushka Sharma 

Ever since the bell bottom jeans came in in the 1960s, the pants have evolved with generations in order to remain in vogue. Flared jeans were a patent style for rockstars in the retro times and have now become a staple in the Gen Z wardrobes. Even sizzling mommies like Anushka Sharma are finding these pairs of bottoms super stylish, comfy and exceptionally versatile.



Janhvi Kapoor 

The corset had been worn by European women for several centuries as a garment that provided support for the bust and molded the body into a fashionable conical shape. The corset trend now stands for empowerment, with women wearing it to show off or conceal their body on their own terms. Janhvi looked like a diva as she posed in a strapless corset that was a unique blend of flirty and floral. The Gen Z star kept the cool casual by pairing the top with basic ripped jeans. 


Bucket Hats 

Ananya Panday 

Cute bucket hats have recently come back into the fashion world and it's harmless to say that they are raging. They were a huge fashion trend in the early 2000’s and now they have come back with their own modern twist. Ananya Panday embraced the flexible structure and the easygoing aesthetic as she hopped onto this popular trend. 


Slip Dresses 

Ananya Panday 

Characterised by its elegant and minimalist appearance, the must-have item from the ‘90’s, the slip dress has made a comeback. Slip dresses are the epitome of sexy elegance. Ananya Panday looked like a vision and added her own Gen Z feel to slip dresses as she posed in this red slip dress featuring spaghetti straps and a midi length.


Cropped Tops

Shraddha Kapoor 

Crop tops have become a major wardrobe essential and every fashion lover needs to own them. Crop tops were a major trend in the 2000s and are still worn in the same way. This piece of clothing has only evolved since, giving us a chance to experiment and have a whole lot of fun with it! Shraddha Kapoor looked resplendent as she paired a green halter neck crop top with dark-washed paper bag jeans. 



Which retro fashion trend is your current favourite? Let us know in the comments below.


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