Kanye West now wants to make shoes out of ALGAE for his billion dollar Yeezy empire

Clearly, this has to be his wildest idea, but the intentions behind it are good. Find out how he got this berserk idea and what influenced it.
Celebrity Style,kim kardashian,Kanye West,YeezyKanye West now wants to make shoes out of ALGAE for his billion dollar Yeezy empire
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According to Forbes, Kanye West’s Yeezy empire is set to make USD 1.5 billion dollars before the end of this year. While his company is reaching new heights, Kanye West is just elevating his level when it comes down to design and fashion. From dominating the music industry, the rapper has clearly shown us his creative direction when it comes down to his brand - Yeezy. 


He is now riding high at the success of his brand which had initially only been about the shoes but now it has slowly expanded into clothing. One big face of the brand is his wife, Kim Kardashian who is time and again seen in Yeezy attires. With the influence of the Kardashian family (and his own, of course) he has managed to disrupt the entire shoe market with shunning brands like Nike and Air Jordans away. 




I’m addicted to sweats! #yeezy

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With his creative vision, he has managed to grow his line to a whole new level. According to Forbes, West has also taken the future into consideration, his vision in the near future is to create a shoe that is bio-degradable and made out of algae. Yes, he does not want his creative visions to fill up landfills across the world. West’s plan is for them to biodegrade when they're tossed out or to just disintegrate entirely with the use of a bacteria spray. That way, there's no waste.

All thanks to his 100% ownership of Yeezy, there is nothing that could stop him from being a billionaire (just like his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner), with or without algae shoes. 


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