Kanye West worked at Gap as a teenager and now will launch an ‘affordable clothing line’ called Yeezy Gap

Kanye West to make YEEZY affordable and partners with Gap and calls it ‘WestDayEver.’ Find out more
Kanye West worked at Gap as a teenager and now will launch an ‘affordable clothing line’ called Yeezy Gap
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Just days after the news broke about Kanye West filing a patent for Yeezy’s beauty line, another news was made public via Kanye’s Tweet. In a long-overdue partnership, Kanye West posted that it was the ‘WestDayEver’ as he partnered with GAP clothing. According to his wife and social media star, Kim Kardashian, this partnership is ‘his dream come true’. As soon as the collaboration was made public, Gap’s stocks surge high up to 42 per cent.

Kanye signed a 10 year deal with GAP and is set to launch an affordable clothing line for both kids and adults. It will exclusively be sold at the Gap stores and their website. The Yeezy brand was valued at USD 2.9 billion in April and now all it will receive royalties and profits from this collaboration. 


Yeezy is already popular across the globe for its sneaker collection for which it collaborated with Adidas. The company generated USD 1.3 billion dollars in just 2019 as per reports in Forbes. He alone makes 11 per cent of the sales in royalties with the brand. 

In quite a lot of interviews and chats in the past, West has made the fact pretty evident that he wants his designs to reach as many people as possible. 


As a teenager he had worked at a Gap store in Chicago and now is set to design a full-blown collection for the company. In a statement, he also said that he’d try to crack this deal back in 2015 but could not get past the politics. Life has actually come a full circle for Kanye. 

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