Kareena Kapoor Khan to Deepika Padukone: Black has become our celebs favourite colour

There is no denying that unless a darker hue than black is invented our love for the colour won’t lessen. Here’s how you can give a present day update to this timeless colour.
The colour black is taking up all the space in the closets of these leading ladies of Bollywood
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Black is indeed fashion’s favourite colour. From Dior to Rick Owens, Fall-Winter 2019 saw a lot of black on the runways. While sartorialists can’t contain their love for this enigmatic colour and its versatility, is adding colour to our black ensembles the only way to style them? Is it possible to be overdressed or underdressed in black? Should we clean out all the black outfits from our closets? Is it fair to give up on the colour we love so dearly? 

From ethnic fashion to street style, black can be your go to colour. Time and again celebs have shown us that irrespective of the occasion, put your trust in black. Pair it with a statement accessory or don’t, black doesn’t need crutches. When in doubt, turn to the leading ladies of Bollywood. So, take a look at all the charcoal hued drenched women to draw inspiration for your next destination wedding invite, festive dinner or just a casual soiree. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan

All hail the queen! Kareena Kapoor Khan slipped into an all black Elie Saab jumpsuit pairing it up with droopy diamond earrings, a messy low bun and that “no makeup” makeup look which she is extremely good at. And who said one couldn’t wear black under the sun? Take down notes from the queen herself on how to rock an all black outfit for your next brunch. 

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone once shied away from experimenting with her looks is now all in the fashion game. The 33 year old actress decided to put on a sheath Alex Perry gown with blown out hair and voila! You have yourself a red carpet worthy look! This particular look is a classic example of how black doesn’t need any other baubles to make it stand out. So if you are someone who isn’t big on accessorising, black is your colour. 

Kangana Ranaut

Confused about how to include black in your ethnic closet? Well, here’s an answer, follow Kangana Ranaut’s stylebook. The Thailvi actress, donned a black Raw Mango saree with a pearl choker and smokey eyes to go. If you are a minimalist, this is an ideal glam look for you. Without much hassle you can nail a perfectly neat ethnic look. 

Sonam Kapoor


We are digging the chic goth girl look! Sonam Kapoor being a fashionista herself always has a quirky take on every trend, silhouette and colour. She has styled her black ensembles in an ample amount of ways, but the ‘chic goth girl’ look hits it out of the park. The 34 year old actress, choose a smoked satin outfit by Simone Roche with a pair of black stockings and ankle length boots. So the next time you want to channel the goth girl inside you, you know what to do. 

Now, when you open your closet and see all those shades of black rather than feeling the need to add a little colour to your repertoire, you can just style your black in a gazillion ways! A dream come true for all the ardent black lovers out there. That’s the thing about this versatile colour, you can eloquently dress up for a glam night or dress down for a casual day out, black has always got your back! How do you plan on styling up your blacks? Comment below and let us know. 

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