Kareena Kapoor Khan’s trainer reveals how yoga helps in weight loss

Kareena Kapoor Khan is in her best possible shape and it is all because of yoga.
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The wedding and the festive season is just around the corner. Its that time of the year when everyone wants to look their fittest best flaunting their svelte figure. For this very goal, we often see our friends, colleagues, family members go to various lengths by putting their body through a maddening amount of stress just to achieve that desired result. But what if we told you that losing weight was an extremely easy task and you don't really have to carry out a tedious task in order to shed those extra kilos?


The answer to it all lies in the age-old practice of yoga. Pinkvilla had recently met Malaika and the beauty too had revealed that yoga is the secret to her fit body. She said that yoga is the mother of all forms of exercises and it also helps in cleansing the body and the soul. Yoga, when combined with dedication, has the magical power of weight loss. Celebrity trainer Anshuka Parwani, who has trained Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora, in an interview with Vogue, revealed the easiest ways to lose weight.



Yoga helps in fast metabolism

Anshuka shared that the reason why yoga is super effective in weight loss is that it activates the thyroid gland which activates the metabolism. One of the reasons why one ends up gaining weight is because of hypothyroidism, it's a condition which refers to an imbalance in the endocrine system. The other reason is the frantic and stressful life which all of us lead. Both of these cause an imbalance in the body. One causes an imbalance in the endocrine system and the latter in the nervous system. In such a case, yoga postures are of utmost help as they strike a balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.



1. Upon further research, we found out the major benefits of yoga:


2. It makes the body extremely flexible. Yoga involves a lot of muscle stretch which helps in the flexibility of the body.



3. It helps in overcoming mental and physical pain such as body aches, migraines, spinal pain, etc.


4. It increases concentration. When you start practising yoga, your mind is calmer and you have an inner connection with your soul. Your concentration level increases and you become more focused and dedicated towards your work.


5. One of the key benefits of yoga is digestion and it also further makes the body healthier.



Our body is a gift to us from nature. While we all are living extremely busy and tedious lives, it is okay to hold on and just spare half and hour for ourself and our body. Just those 30 minutes will do wonders to not just your body but also to your mental health, stability and create an overall positive outlook.

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