Kareena Kapoor Khan slays in a yellow gown by Stephane Rolland BUT WAIT: Was there a glitch?

The Begum of Bollywood proves why she is worthy of the title as she slays in a bright yellow gown. BUT WAIT! Was there a problem with the outfit? Find out more
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You cannot deny the fact that Kareena Kapoor Khan slays and how! She has been the Begum of Bollywood for a while now and honestly, we cannot stop obsessing over her. From Indian attires to body-hugging gowns, Kapoor Khan can pull off anything in her sight.


The Begum of Bollywood who was last seen in Veere di Wedding as Kalindi is set to star opposite Akshay Kumar in Good News this year. Amidst her work, Kareena Kapoor’s looks have left us speechless. This time, the actress steals our heart in a sunshine yellow gown by Stephane Rolland.


Bebo rocks the colour and looks like a diva in the one-shouldered gown. She styled her outfit with a gold metal belt across her slender waistline. Kareena further accessorised her look with a gold cuff around her wrist. The thigh-high slit showed enough of her toned legs making it our favourite yet!

With Bebo in the picture, we’re always in for a surprise! The actress opted for a different hairdo to go with the look. Her sleek back hair was tied into a ponytail which was further twisted together that almost mimicked a rope. The glamorous hairstyle was accompanied by an impeccable glam backed with kohl clad eyes and flawless base.

The look was a perfect mixture of glam with a bit of experimentation! We are clearly a fan of the look but there was a glitch in the styling! The belt was not supposed to be popped out of the dress in the wrong way that it did. Well, it is designed like that for a reason, isn't it? With just the minor change, it would have been a solid successful look. Take a look for yourself!




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What do you think about the look? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Haha! Her knees are so fat:) that’s the only thing standing out

those are NOT Kareena's Arms!!! major photoshop done!

Get over your Aishwariya obsession - no one in here or in Cannes is waiting to see your lipo plastic surgery look at me I go to the gym idiotic antics! #wannabe miss world #wannbe Cannes reject


So called Cannes queen fans who looked like a golden whale this year are jealous to see a toned, fit and naturally beautiful woman

She look like Bruce Jenner. Drag queen.

She is most lazy actor only does photoshoots

Man dressed as a woman.

Bimbo I mean Bebo looks like a sheman these days - Randhir Kapoor in drag

She looks fantastic. What needs to change is the color of the sandals - they need to be gold/bronze.

nice photshop on her arms..

Super glamorous hot kareena…..yellow always suits her to the tee...super fit and hot body...trendy hairstyle...less makeup and the nude juicy lips ups her glamour quotient as always..

My God, she looks phenomenal. So chic and perfect. Love everything. Epitome of natural beauty, game changing and family values. Best yellow outfit I’ve seen. Her body is so toned and proportions are all aligned that’s why she carries off these clothes so well. The belt was meant to mimic the high flow curves of the ruffle so it’s perfect!

Is that her leg or fat dangling from her stomach

Bebo take your mehndi dress off and put your white shirt on, go and visit Kajol u fool. Has your mother and father not taught you any manners.

Yes it’s true rani ash amisha Deepika twinkle have all visited yet these two think they are so above themselves. Well what goes round comes round!

I am not her fan. Never have been but she always carries all the styles effortlessly

Kareena why don’t u take time out and visit Kajol u,ur sister and ailing mother are the only three that haven’t visited. Yo can always make money later.

Lovely dress but short legs!

much better then Yellow wear by DP

Lol only Kareena can get that wrong oh yeah let’s wrap that belt like a purse. Silly girl

Skirt wrong way round, her pale pink flesh skin and hideous hairstyle makes her look like a parrot seeking attention.

She looks phenomenal

I think she totally rocked the look even with that small change. Not necessary that she has to follow the same style as the model.

Photo shop, lipo, etc etc

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