Karisma Kapoor keeps it casual in Prabal Gurung and YSL: Yay or Nay?

The Bollywood actress was spotted in a checkered outfit and a classic black bag. Read on for details.
Celebrity Style,prabal gurung,karisma Kapoor,YSL,karisma kapoor styleKarisma Kapoor keeps it casual in Prabal Gurung and YSL: Yay or Nay?

It was an eventful day yesterday as fashionista Sonam Kapoor celebrated her birthday with close friends and family. Everybody from the Kapoor sisters - Janhvi and Khushi to Arjun Kapoor and girlfriend Malaika Arora and close friend Karisma Kapoor were present at the actress' house to be a part of the festivities and celebrations. The theme of the event seemed to be casual as almost all the stars donned simple looking outfits. 

Karisma Kapoor too kept to the theme but with a designer's touch! She donned a Red, yellow and blue checkered co-ord set in the form of loose high-waisted pants and a blazer. She opted for a black crop top beneath the blazer that showed off her toned abs and sleek figure. She styled her outfit well with a sleek black bag by YSL, matching strappy black stilettos and black sunglasses. 

Kapoor decided to pull her hair back into a ponytail, deep red lips and pink cheeks completed her look. 

The actress seemed to have a blast as she took to her instagram to share inside pictures from the party that was! Kapoor along with her friends danced the night away to epic tunes, posed and showed off their pouts in pictures and seemed to have a gala time overall with great company while they were dressed to the nines. 

What are your thoughts on her OOTD? We love how contemporary and chic it looks on her!

Yay or Nay? Comment below and let us know. 

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What a stunner!!!
What a woman !!!!!——- good daughter, good sister, good friend and the Best Mom ever.
How the Sanjay guy completely messed up the children’s lives .

yay.. she looks stunning and more like a contemporary to the new age actresses like Shraddha, Alia and Sara.. Deepika n Katrina sorts would look senior to her.. lol

Karishma what a beauty love her and everything about her. So sad she went through a bad phase .....love the way she behaves with Kareena too.....putting her in her place. Good for you lolo u are as your sister says the genuine one and most loved. P.s we know ur mother says one sister at a time in films but I think it’s time to kick Kareena out and u in!

Salman and Karishma should get married

So true
Bollywood get stuck with Maduri ( always thought she was overrated) and talentless ( Ash) for whatever reason and here’s we have all rounder.
She is posses all the qualities.
She is the Best in the class so is Sushmita.
I guess you have to con artist and manipulate people, use people to be at the very top. She needs to take lessons from Ash and PC

Perhaps, bollywood is only industry where with gaining experience you get lesser work! Sad.

Wow, stunning and not a photo shoot where actresses have the benefits of all kinds of things to improve them. She with 2 natural children and Sushmita with 2 adopted ones are the only 2 actresses in their age range that have aged naturally and gracefully and can give tough competition to younger ones. They’re still wearing their same nose, cheeks, face, eye and skin color and hair.

she is so stunning and still she can give tough competetion to short below average ugly man alia and other talentless brats like ugly skeleton ananya,sodumb,sara ,sharaddha

ofcourse a yay

Yay ..but i hate that lip colour .

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