Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle avoid wardrobe fashion malfunction using these hacks

The Royal women have many tricks up their sleeves. Read on
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The British Royal Family are amongst the most loved and followed people in the world. Whatever they do becomes global news instantly and their weddings, well, they give us major fairytale vibes. Staying constantly in front of the public eye has its own share of cons, but its the way they handle and carry themselves is what makes the difference. Over the years, the women from the Royal Family have created their own sets of fashion hacks which have worked really work for them.


Princess Diana’s cleavage clutch

Princess Diana was a pro when it came to fashion hacks. The People’s Princess used to hide her cleavage using her clutch whenever she would bend down even slightly. Diana’s handbag designer, Anya Hindmarch nicknamed them as “cleavage clutches”.


Kate Middleton’s pantyhose and sticky heels

According to the Royal Protocol, all the women are supposed to wear a pantyhose. Given its smooth material, it makes it easy for the feet to slide out. The Duchess of Cambridge has a genius hack for it. Her pantyhose has silicone pads which make it easier for it to stick to the inside of her inner heels.



Princess Diana hid combs in her hair

The stunning Princess Diana’s haircut was famous worldwide. It is reportedly been said that she would actually hide combs in her hair so that her hairstyle stayed put. Interesting one, for sure.



Kate Middleton uses fish nets to keep her hair buns in place

It is a known fact that the mother of three loves her hair bun. However, one wonders as to how are they so perfectly in place. Well, the answer to this is the use of a fish net. Catherine uses largely spaced fishnets of the same colour as her hair to secure her hair bun so that strands of her hair don't fly out.



Meghan Markle opts for a bodysuit

The newest royal and former actress Meghan Markle loves to wear a bodysuit as opposed to a top. This is mainly because she wants her to look clean and also stay put. She usually wears a bodysuit whenever she has to sport formal outfits.


Kate Middleton wears leather insoles for extra padding

As we all know that Royals have to look their poised best throughout the event or day. Their attire also involves sky-rocketing heels, and for this, Kate makes sure that hers are inserted with a leather sole. Kate uses these in order to avoid sore feet and it's also extremely comfortable to walk in.


Our Her Royal Highnesses are definitely super geniuses when it comes to having their own way in the field of comfort and fashion. Which hack was your favourite? Comment below and let us know.


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