Kate Middleton was asked why she didn’t wear her princess Elsa dress and her explanation stole our hearts

Kate Middleton, who had to explain why she didn’t wear her ‘Princess Elsa dress’, replies in the most modern way possible and it has stolen our hearts!
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Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William who is second in line for the throne. The Duchess has been reportedly going through a rough patch this year. First, tabloids were reporting that she and Meghan Markle had some huge feud going on behind the scenes, and now, everyone is obsessed with Prince William affair rumours involving one of Kate’s closest friends, Rose Hanbury.


Now that the rumours have died down, Kate has been attending various charity events. The Duchess of Cambridge was visiting Cumbria with Prince William on June 11.


Well, there comes a time in every princess’ life when she gives up glass slippers and a shimmery dress for a pair of pants and for Kate that day was just a perfect example of that! While she was meeting the locals of the town, Kate Middleton had to explain to a little girl why she was not wearing a ‘Princess Elsa gown’.


According to People, the little girls were too shy to speak up and ask Kate their question, so their trusty dad stepped in.

“She wanted to know if you’d be wearing your Princess Elsa dress,” he said, referencing to the Disney princess from Frozen name, Elsa.


Keeping it real than ever Kate politely replied, “I know. I’m sorry,” Kate said to the family. “I came in my trousers and my coat because I’m going to see some of your sheep.” Now that’s how you do it. Go, Kate!

While she was not dressed like ‘Elsa’ that day, she has surely channelled her inner princess multiple times!

We loved her sweet and clever reply to the little girl. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Why exactly are we supposed to know this ? Even after all these years,what's the point?

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