Kim Kardashian Is launching a new line of sunglasses and they’re all going to be below $100

From big shields to 90s sporty shades, Kim’s new venture was a really fun and fashionable process.
Celebrity Style,Kim Kardashian West,kim kardashian hot,kim kardashian fashionKim Kardashian Is launching a new line of sunglasses and they’re all going to be below $100
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In between all the drama surrounding Khloe Kardashian, Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner, sources have revealed some exciting drama-free news about the Kardashians! Apparently, Kim is all set to join hands with Carolina Lemke – an Israeli based eyewear brand to launch the brand’s line in the United States. The collection will be dubbed with Kim’s name and obviously do well for the Israeli brand by making it an overnight household name.

According to sources, the beauty mogul has spent the last few months emailing back and forth with the Israeli eyewear brand team to design a new line from scratch. She was apparently in on everything from the material used, colours of the items, frames, lens finishes, packaging and everything in between. She told Vogue about how the process was an organic one. “We were all having dinner one night and met some of the owners. We were talking about how they should launch in the US because they hadn’t done that yet, and we all loved the idea (of a collaboration) so it just magically came together,” Kim said.

And while she could have collaborated with literally any brand, Kim chose this one because she loved their commitment to quality and affordability. Her collection is supposed to have sunglasses that cost less than $100 each! Kim says that it is crazy how expensive good sunglasses are “Especially if you lose your sunglasses a lot or if you tend to break them or scratch them. I really liked how open they were to different design ideas,” she added. The collection is going to feature an extensive range from big shield glasses to more sporty and 90’s shaped glasses.

Are you excited to get your hands on Kim’s new frames? Comment below and let us know.

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