Kylie Jenner receives backlash for showing off her car collection on Instagram; Find Out

Kylie Jenner is a vision in orange, but the fans are clearly upset over THIS. Find out more
Kylie Jenner receives backlash for showing off her car collection on Instagram
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Kylie Jenner is just 21-years-old and is already a billionaire. With a successful business, Kylie Jenner claims to be ‘self-made’ while a lot of her fans think otherwise. While this debate is for another day, we definitely know that Kylie can afford crazy things. From mini Birkin bags to luxury toy cars for her daughter, she has been quite a shopper. 


Now, this just does not end there, as we have all seen her stunning ‘bag closet’. Yes, she has a closet just for her purses and it’s huge! 





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With some exquisite finds, another thing that Kylie can afford is adult-sized cars and a lot of them. Just yesterday, she posted a photo for her 139 million followers as she stood there in a bright orange ensemble while posing with six of her luxury cars, including two Range Rovers, a Rolls Royce, a Porsche, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari. 



freaky friday

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The 21-year-old also owns two other Rolls-Royce cars. While one is in a powder blue colour, the other one is a white vintage car gifted by beau Travis Scott for her 21st birthday.


While all these cars were not enough, she gifted herself a new Rolls Royce Phantom which costs approximately USD 450,000. As she revealed her ‘new baby’ on Instagram, Kylie also shared a video of Stormi playing with the iconic starry ceiling.



Kylie and Stormi today

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Amidst all this, fans got a little disturbed about her display of wealth. One of commented, “This world is crazy. Some people buy 863367 cars and some people can hardly buy food let alone pay tuition fees for university. It's a shame to show off but I guess rich people don't care.”

Another one followed suit saying, “Use your money elsewhere spend it on charity not cars”


While the comments have been increasing by the number, what do you think about her car collection? Let us know in the comments section below.


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I think her collection is pretty sweet! It's amazing she's living the dream and has nice things. It's beautiful to see how good of a mother she is and congrats on baby#2

I'm with her!! You should feel inspired to work hard and get there someday instead of judging, judging is for losers!

Her money, her business. People are quick to judge. How do they know she doesn't give to charities?

I'm no fan of any Kardashian or Jenner. I think they are overrated.TOO OVERRATED
But one line-
It's her money ....let her do what she wants...even I would buy cars with's her life!!!

But she's getting backlash just because she always shows off and make people feel they are poor
Simple as that.

Anyone who feels poor is his or her business.....we all have the right to be proud of what we have achieved.......just wait until you've got a little of what she has and people start hating on you simply because you have achieved something then you will understand

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