Kylie’s daughter, Stormi Webster is already having a photoshoot and you can see a STAR in the making

What stole our hearts was her mommy in the background trying to teach her how to say her name. OMG cutest, right? Find out for more
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It is no surprise that Kylie Jenner’s baby is literally becoming a style icon at the one. I mean, with a very social mother like ‘Kylie Jenner’ there is no doubt in that. With just being one, Stormi has already had enough photoshoots of her own and this has been made very evident to her other’s 137 million followers on Instagram time and again.


With the reality star and makeup mogul as her mother and rapper Travis Scott as her dad, Stormi has plenty of style role models in her life — not to mention auntie Kendall and cousin North. Just a few days ago, Stormi was seen held in arms for a photoshoot with mommy, Kylie Jenner and she is back at it with another one. This time around, Stormi was seen getting snapped alone.


The little munchkin was seen comfortably facing the camera on a feathered, plush seat in off-white. Sitting atop a fluffy stool in front of a millennial pink background, Stormi grins while wearing a blush-coloured onesie adorned with pearls and wing-like tulle embellishments on the sleeves. She confidently smiled at the cameras which is very unlikely for a one-year-old (but let’s face it she’s KYLIE’s daughter).




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What stole our hearts was her mommy in the background trying to teach her how to say her name. (OMG cutest, right?)


Well, this was no the first time we have seen the little diva in action. How can we forget the time when Stormi rocked a little Birkin?


What do you think about her little photoshoot? Let us know in the comments section below.


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