List of Fashion Trends we bid a goodbye by the year 2018

Take a look at what to wear and what not to wear from the trends listed below
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As 2018 has reached its mid-point, it’s time to give goodbye kisses to your old clothes and welcome your new trendy pieces. Like every fashion enthusiast, we have accumulated our closets with a set of clothes which are pretty much passe like bomber jackets, off-shoulders, cold-shoulders to name a few. So what exactly are we saying goodbye to as we are re-vamping our wardrobe?

Well, we have got inspired by the Spring'18 collections and here's how we are giving our wardrobe a new makeover. So, here are all the must haves that you need to upgrade your wardrobe with.

Give up on: Plaid





It's not that we don't love plaid print at all but it's just that there are many new prints getting introduced in fashion. And people are looking forward to adapt them. So retire plaid from your closet and start updating your closet with the new prints.

Try : Check Print





This print is everywhere and everyone is obsessed with. From all the runway shows to streets, this print is spotted. You will see this print popping on every piece of clothing, from pants to shirts to jackets also.


Give up : Corsets


Corsets where seen on each and every Fashion Week season by season on the streets. And this accessory definitely worked flawlessly on each and every outfit but one day all the belt styles come and go.

Try : Wide belts





Get your closet upgraded with wide belts rather than corsets. The belts are available in variety of colours so we can colour co ordinate it well with our outfits.

Try : Fringe Bags





Big fashion houses like Dior, Fendi, Michael Kors, etc followed the fringe trend for the spring. Bags with unusual colours with unique shape and size were spotted. But now the trend has slowed down.


Give up : Fanny Packs






These belted bags or whatever you decide to call them were in major trend. These bags were like a must haves for the street style fashion icons.

Give up : Skater Sneakers



Every Tom, Dick and Harry are spotted wearing this sneakers on the streets but this style is getting overtaken by the shoe style known as “dad shoe”, picture a huge pair of shoes which are bulky and you might have seen on your dad.

Try : Dad sneakers



Next biggest shoe trend in fashion are the “dad sneakers” which are worn by the famous models like Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber etc.

Give up : Bomber Jackets



We all loved to flaunt in the Bomber jackets but also now it seems that they were overworked. As we have seen it in all types of prints and colours. So now we are definitely bored of it.

Try : Blazer or Suit set




Not only jackets make you look cool, suits are much more chic. Try out your pantsuits in prints or solid colours, team them up with clear heels to give you that perfect length to your legs. The mega bonus of this attire is that it lends in confidence and gives the World major 'Boss Lady' vibes.


Its time you upgrade your wardrobe and bring in a new version of yours.


Fanny pack trend is so 2016/2017 ,better get rid of it. And bomber jacket for suit and pants?? They arent even related and cant be swapped as they are meant for separate occasions!

Trends I bid goodbye to: Following fashion trends.
What I do: Wear what I like and what actually looks good on me without caring one bit about what's in style at the moment. Trends are for the anxious.

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