#LiveInYourLivingRoom: Masaba Gupta on fashion, inspirations and a way forward

We spoke to fashion maestro Masaba Gupta about quarantine, her eclectic sense of fashion, the secret to maintaining curly hair and her advice for budding designers.
#LiveInYourLivingRoom: Masaba Gupta on fashion, inspirations and a way forward. #LiveInYourLivingRoom: Masaba Gupta on fashion, inspirations and a way forward.
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Fashion maven, Masaba Gupta has always been someone worth admiring. Be it her strong stance on body positivity or her eclectic sense of fashion. During our quarantine catchup LIVE, we decided to sit down with Masaba and talk fashion, beauty and everything in between.

Here are some noteworthy things we spoke about.

When we asked her about how she and her company were coping through this, she clearly mentioned that it was a difficult time but it isn't something that her close-knit team couldn't handle, "the biggest challenge at this time is to keep the team motivated, and the only way we can do that is by creating together, so we are all still working and still creating to keeping ourselves sane."

The thing that works in coping with anxiety and uncertainty? "Meditation. Meditation always works for me apart from that journaling and just putting your thoughts down where you can see them always helps you centre yourself," she says. 

We got to talking about her one-of-a-kind eclectic prints and where she gets inspiration from. That's when we found out about her most popular print, "you know the palm print which was one of my first, it was actually my own palm. My mom (Neena Gupta) would make me draw my hand on a paper and put it in frames around the house to see how much I have grown. One day I was just looking at it and I thought to myself, this would make such a great print. That's how it happened!"

We had to ask her about her rocking curls and how to take care of them. Here are her tips for having a good hair day. 

Tip 1: Understand what kind of curls you have, that's really important to know what will work or not. 

Tip 2: Curly hair dries out a lot, so always have ample moisturising ingredients in all your products. 

Tip 3: Never brush through your curly hair when it's dry, especially when you have tight curls.

Tip 4: When your hair is soaking wet in the shower, take a lot (2 palm fulls) of conditioner, douse your hair with it and then comb it out gently.

Tip 5: Use warm olive oil in your hair on a Sunday for a few hours and then wash your hair. 

Finally, any parting words for budding designers?

"Be authentic. Get your finances in order or get someone to help out and lastly study but don’t rely only on theoretical knowledge, design is what they DON'T teach you in school."

Well you guys heard it here.

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Masaba Gupta on fashion, body positivity and maintaining curly hair! from PINKVILLA on Vimeo.

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