Louis Vuitton forays into the stationery market; set to launch pencil case worth $900

The luxury French house is releasing a range of 40 different pencil shades, for the artists who can afford it!
Celebrity Style,louis vuitton,stationery,art,louis vuitton stationeryLouis Vuitton forays into the stationery market; set to launch pencil case worth $900
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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is mainly known for its designer and high end bags, shoes and clothes. But today, the world of fashion is expanding with designers collaborating with each other as well as people from different fields. Taking things a notch higher, the high end brand is exploring an all new side, all together! 

Louis Vuitton is set to launch a luxury pencil case, giving stationery addicts something to oogle on. The French fashion house has priced the roll-up case made from calfskin at a whopping $900. 
The case which is set to launch in April is said to come with a range of 40 colouring pencils, each of which will be inscribed with the LV logo. The case too will have the signature Louis Vuitton brown leather motif, with metal hardware fastening. For the 40 colouring pencils, there are 40 fabric slots. The outer case will have hand-painted circles which showcase all the colours of the wooden pencil available inside. This will also act as a cue for where each pencil needs to be placed, once it is taken out. 
The interest in high-end stationery seems strong because a number people who love the brand are already planning on making the purchase. This inside intel was revealed on the popular instagram page LVJ12, where other inside fashion news is shared. 
Clearly, this product isn't aimed at the starving and tortured artists, but high end ones instead. Would you get your hands on this pencil case? Comment below and let us know. 
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