Luxury retailer Selfridges to stop selling exotic skins

Selfridges Buying Director claims that the department store would pursue ‘thoughtful, ethical and transparent’ strategies.
Celebrity Style,fashion,Selfridges,luxury department store,ban exotic skinsLuxury retailer Selfridges to stop selling exotic skins
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British luxury retailer Selfridges has announced they plan to stop selling exotic skins from animals such as pythons, alligators, crocodiles and lizards. The departmental store will sell leather from agricultural livestock including cow or calf, sheep, pig, goat, water buffalo and lamb from February 2020 after the exotic skins are phased out. “I am proud to confirm that exotic skins will no longer be available to purchase at Selfridges as of February 2020”, Selfridges’ Buying Director Sebastian Manes told ITV News.

Claire Bass, the Executive Director of the Humane Society International, said the decision would save the lives of countless crocodiles and snakes. She said, “When Selfridges went fur-free more than a decade ago, it positioned itself as a retailer at the forefront of compassionate fashion. Banning exotic skins in recognition of the serious animal welfare issues that exist in this industry is a natural next step for a responsible retailer.”

Selfridges is also spearheading a number of other initiatives designed to promote sustainability including its Buying Better, Inspiring Change initiative. The scheme, which was introduced in 2016, was designed to help the retailer work towards ensuring that about 50 percent of all its products are eco-friendly by 2022.



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A number of other big names, including Burberry, Gucci, Versace and Coach have also taken a stand against animal cruelty in recent years by banning the use of fur in their designs, opting for faux alternatives instead.

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