Mahira Khan joins Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor as the new brand ambassador for a retail giant

Here is an insight into Mahira Khan's trip to Paris as the brand ambassador for a retail giant
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The beautiful Mahira Khan garnered a lot of attention, appreciation, love and fans from her debut Bollywood movie Raees. Mahira had the chance to romance none other than King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan in the movie. Mahira Khan has now another feather to add to her illustrious cap. After making waves in Bollywood, she is now the brand ambassador for a makeup and beauty giant. Mahira Khan will be sharing this honour with Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

This news also means that Mahira Khan maybe attending The 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, which is scheduled to be held from 9 May 2018 - 20 May 2018.       

Last year when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan walked the red carpet at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Aishwarya chose a dramatic, Cinderella-like gown by Michael Cinco and received a thumbs up from fashion critics all over. 

However, the online world did go berserk with memes on Aishwarya's dress. One internet troll referred to Aishwarya's dress as "TENT." However, what really caught our eye was Raees actress Mahira Khan taking to Twitter to like this comment. 

Well, it now seems that Mahira actually did not mean to like the hateful comment, but the original tweet, which was all praises for Aishwarya. That's right, Mahira clarified this to Pinkvilla saying, "I meant to like a tweet which was in favour of it! Please, @pinkvilla last thing I'd do is take a dig at someone and especially her."

Recently Mahira visited the headquarters of the brand in Paris and looked stylish as she performed her brand ambassador duties. 

In the first look, Mahira looks street style perfect as she was seen wearing a white oversized shirt by Celine. She wore the shirt in a fashionique half-tuck with her black leather leggings. A dainty necklace from Black Balloon, a Gucci belt and black strappy heels gave finishing touches to this look.

In another look, Mahira looked Parisian chic as she wore a white lace top and skirt, which she layered with a classic trench coat by Burberry. A pair of nude heels and the Diorama bag by Dior rounded this chic look. 


In the third and last look Mahira power dressed in a black Carolina Herrera Tuxedo, worn with a white t-shirt underneath. Big statement earrings and a backpack by vintage Chanel from Viange were her choice of accessories for this look. A sleek bun and a fresh face of makeup punctuated this look. 


We cannot wait to see Mahira's look in the campaign and at Cannes, what about you? Comment below and let us know what you think! 



Mahira's one movie was with the biggest movie star in the world, SRK, as his leading, as Zaalinma, 174millons views on y-tube. SRK's biggest hit for 2017, block buster in the over sea market. enough said! So, get therapy for your delusions about Mahira!

aishwarya attracts attention only with makeup skin bleach or clothes thats why she tries so hard each year...she lacks talent,acting nothing to do just there thanks to loreal brand and its arrangements shame on her still after years she fails to attract people with talent

Mahira always looks fresh as a daisy! Perfect LOreal model, I thinks she is phenomenal !

Instead of writing essays,about your alternative reality, try to work on improving your below average thinking skills. Mahria is on top, she is doing great,so, she really does not care what troll, thinks! Mahira 's reality is that she is the L'Oreal Girl, thus, she is worth it!

She's so average with pale skin.. I dont get the hype of her.. I've seen better pakistanis girl than her. And after her ranbir fiasco I really started to dislike her as she's fake af and puts up a fake image of who she wants ppl to know her as.. and why did loreal sign her? She doesnt have popularity like Aish for sure.. tbh I dont even know why sonam is even signed.. Mahiras only done ONE movie in bollywood otherwise she's only known in pakistan from a depressing soap opera.. and ppl calling her queen.. how low standard do u have of a queen? Every fan base is calling their idols queen its laughable.. Aish fits tht title better n Im no fan of her.. she has a different aura and extraordinary look that can cary and own red carpet in Cannes.. and been going there for yrs now.. now pakistanis might jump on here and abuse indian actors or india but its funny at the end of the day u watch bollywood n go berserk of any pakistani actor lands a movie in bollywood and take it as a big achievement lol what happened to mahira about never working in india but always work in pakistani films etc (reffering her Omar Shariff interview) what a sell out.

Unhealthy minds thinks ill of others, thus, keep your unwanted advice, and do something constructive with your time! trolls, makes one very unattractive at many levels!

Mahira you have made to the top, thus , envy of many, part of the deal. wishing you happiness!

well said

other thing, ash pr was commenting that only ash get number one on pv, they can see others do too

looking gorgeous mahira!

La Belle, Mahira, looking French, and beautiful, Paris, dreaming!

I think Indians didn't know L'Oreal is an American company and not kapoors or Bachans property.

Burka is Indian thing.... jesus, I'm appalled with Indian ignorance on Pakistan. Having said that, Kat should wear her hongkongese attire (yes her father was from Hong kong) and deepika should wear lungi

I luv her n by the way m a indian .....n its jelous aunties jelous of her better dont see or comment on her post nah if u dont like her

As a indian i wanna say if u dont like her post so why u aunties comment on her posts whether dont comment on it....n to tht kat fan.....whh kat is also on pv hah she is also not from india n dosent have any talent hah so why we watch her posts hah....

As dp fan post her pics n kat r also not indian so why she is here on pv hah? N by the way she had did a movie in bw k n by her talent nd not by some suggar daddy like salman so kat fans shut up....k pv keep posting

Oh please stop saying tht why her pics is here hah i luv her blw n m a indian k so its ur problem tht u dosent like so why u see her posts her better ignore it....k pv keep posting i liv her...

Good decision L'Oréal! She is beautiful and I'm happy to see another Asian country gaining representation

yeah lots of pakistanis here cheering for her

The classy lady that has something to flaunt, yet, choose not to flaunt it! Coco Channel! thus, Mahira!

She deserves all the success and happiness.some ppl making hate comments,for no reason. she's just being herself..let her be...

well said

Also Hollywood actors and are also posted on pv

as katrina fan i wonder pinkvilla why is she here in pinkvilla post? she is NOT from bw

Who is she?

Buy, your self a computer, click on Mahira, there are over 1000's images of her designers wears, looking like a queen that she is, your so laughable for your jealousy!

You know her that is why you keep clicking on her post, jealous, troll!

I wonder how Aishwarya Deepika and Sonam are still there then ;)

Make your mind up. It's either a hijab or a burkha .

good style and fashion sense

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