Mahira Khan looks alluring in these dazzling pictures from a photo shoot

These pictures of Mahira Khan from a photo shoot will leave you enchanted

The beautiful Mahira Khan garnered a lot of attention, appreciation, love and fans from her debut Bollywood movie Raees. Mahira had the chance to romance none other than King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan in the movie. 

Recently we stumbled upon some stunning pictures of Mahira from a photo shoot, where she looks like a desi goddess. The styling of the photo shoot was in keeping with the upcoming wedding and festive season. Here is a glimpse at some of the pictures and videos of her from the photo shoot. 

In the first picture, she is seen wearing a jaali work embellished blouse with her hair in a low bun and simple pink rose to accessorise it. 

In another picture, she looked like a dazzling mermaid as she posed amidst the deep blue sea in a golden zardozi work outfit. 

In another shot, Mahira is seen wearing the same golden outfit with as she is flaunting her luscious burgundy pout. 

Mahira posed on a yacht in an unconventional yet festive outfit, where she was seen wearing a heavily embellished scalloped detail gown which has tassels on the hem.


In another portrait shot, she is seen posing in a pair of reflective sunglasses! 

Mahira Khan looked elegant and fresh in a beautiful old gold embellished lehenga. The lehenga was paired with a white shirt with sleeve slits as a blouse. The white shirt as blouse gave an ethnic vibe owing to the gold embellishments on the collar and the cuff of the sleeve.


In another picture, Mahira Khan is seen flaunting a quirky yet elegant jaali work blouse that is sleeveless from one side and has a cold shoulder detail on the other. 





Doesn't she look stunning? What do you guys think? Comment below and let us know. 


Credits: Pinkvilla

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The jealousy can decreased visions of some people,the world look at this stunning photo shoot of Mahira khan , only see a beautiful girl! Mahira is naturally beautiful woman!

Yes, dear , she below average, but you are above average, yet , he choose her, hmmmm!

Try, reading and goggling artists work, You will learn, they do not just cast some one opposite srk, for no reason. reality check. she done photo shoot vogue and many other covers. This is a top brand! reailty check !

You said it, jealous, look at the mirror, who is the fairest of them all.....Mahira, say's the mirror!!!LOL.

BOY, You are sooo jealous of Mahria, she already done raees with srk , it was a super hit movie, srk was nose to nose with her, every chance he got...she his zaalima forever, get therapy.

Yes keep telling you're self this, LOL, she is the one ask to do this AD for this brand, what could be the reason, hmmmmm!

Get therapy for you're poor self image. Mahira never had any thing done, naturally beautiful, take it or leave it, she is not going to rearrange her face for anyone. Power to Mahira, respect!

why don't u issue it yourself & spare them the time & paperwork, PV will find a way to make it legal.

Not at all attractive. Only hype.

Yeah no wonder ranbir chose her and not you :D

She is not part of Bollywood. Why do you continue to post pictures of her??

Her nose still looks hideous even after plastic surgery ! #belowaverageface

She is just 32 but she looks way mature than her age ... shes a real aunty. Dunno why srk chose to cast this aunty and spoil his film.bekaar shakal vali

Cuz they aren't in the movie industry.

So u r saying fair people are not good looking? lol.

WHERE is the fatwa? C'mon mullahs!!


if you guys think she is 'below average' then there is no hope for the rest of us

Nothing to be jealous about......she is just fair and not good looking at all. One sees her true looks in those photos with rk.

People who say she is not beautiful are pure jealous nothing else, I really feel sorry for her, not sure what the truth is, its either photoshoped pic, or two of them just chatting or having an affair, none of our business, but if it is the later, i feel for her, she is one wonderful woman and I did not expect this from her, she deserves a good man not this Chepaster.Whatever it is, this is going to hurt her more than him..

Guys how about admitting for a change that she's looking breathtaking in these pictures?? Don't let your hate pass wrong judgements on someone who's looking so spotlessly gorgeous..

I am not jealous or hating her but honestly I dont find her pretty or beautiful at all. She is below average.

She's all over PV yaar. A random photoshoot of an actor who's done one hindi film is news now? Not even like this was for Glamour or Vogue or something. I know she's Ranbir's new friend, but enough with the brazen promotion, *yawn*

Hot girl. Lucky RK.

Stunning !

Mahira is very pretty but that white dress she wore with ranbir was total trash at least boyfriend ke samne kuch acchi pehna karo

Don't get it!! There are HEAPS of girls in Pakistan who are a billion times prettier than her and still she gets RK!!!!! What the hell???!!!!

What's up with this sasti photoshoot. Couldn't they afford a decent photographer? Geez! All of those pictures under the tree are cringeworthy.

She looks alright , bit tom boyish

This mahira khan looks so below average inspite of loads of make up, great attire and photoshop.

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