Marc Jacobs is dipping his hand into fast fashion and launching an all new AFFORDABLE label

'The Marc Jacobs' will be launched in May 2019
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In the midst of the declining sales, designer Marc Jacobs has come up with a new idea - an affordable-priced label! The brand is the same name as his Instagram handle "The Marc Jacobs', which comes as a surprise as there were speculations that the designer would leave his name behind due to bad sales. 
For a luxury brand, their sales are so bad that the London store was shut down, post which other European stores were also shut. 
With the launch of this new label which is expected to be out in May 2019 as part of the pre-fall collection, it will have items like sweaters, accessories and corduroy pants. There are also speculations that this label might share a resemblance with Marc by Marc Jacobs, the former lower-priced collection which was discontinued back in 2015. 
On Instagram, the designer posted the leaked picture from the collection with a caption that confirmed the news and read, "We shot our fresh new pre-fall collection (to be launched in May) last week. Poster size prints of a wide variety of  twins wearing the collection were mounted in our showroom where the collection is being shown to buyers." He also went on to talk about how excited he is with the result of the outfits and the accessories that look "Fantastic and fresh". 
Earlier this year, the designer also announced the re-launch of the Redux Grunge collection - a collection that had Marc fired! He also announced a collaboration with Dr Martens - an English footwear and clothing brand, to create limited edition boots.
Are you as excited about the new label as we are? Let us know in the comment section below!
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Because that's what the world needs - more clothing made in sweatshops...

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