Marc Jacobs smartwatch is stylish and can take a selfie

Marc Jacobs launches the Riley hybrid smartwatch that justifies the "smart" in smartwatch and is stylish too

Marc Jacobs wants you to stay connected. Recently, the designer released his line of smartwatches with the Riley hybrid smartwatch. The Riley hybrid smartwatch is as innovative as it is cool, and the best part? It is wearable. Just when you thought you had seen everything smartwatches have to offer, Jacobs’ timepiece offers four different styles in the fashion-forward aesthetic that the designer is known for, retailing at $175.

“I find technology hugely important to fashion,” Jacobs tells a popular fashion portal. “But I don’t know how to engage with it as much as I wish I did.” So he did the next best thing and found people who could.


To celebrate the watch, Jacobs tapped a few New York-based influencers and professionals to act as his muses. The digital influencers include Musician Alexis Jae, Youtuber Amanda Steele, dancer Charisma Glasper, editor and professor Amy Sall, plus, actress Ke’andra Samone. These influencers together show us just how real people are able to put their smartwatch to work. 

Steele (the Youtuber) said she likes to use her smartwatch to take photos of her makeup looks with the remote camera button, and Jae (The dancer) uses hers to turn up (the volume), literally. The watch also boasts the ability to track your movements, give you your notifications, a find-your-phone ringer, auto updates, a second-time-zone, and sleep tracking.




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Well, that is quite a lot of technology packed into this timepiece! What do you guys have to say about this venture by Marc Jacobs? Comment below and let us know.

Credits: refinery29

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