Margot Robbie’s makeup artist shares tips for a flawless skin

The mastermind behind hundreds of stunning red carpet looks shares a tips to achieve celeb-like glowing skin.
Celebrity Style,beauty,Margot Robbie,makeup tips,skin,flawless skin,celebrity make up artistMargot Robbie’s makeup artist shares tips for a flawless skin
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When it comes to nailing the perfect red carpet beauty look, only a few celebs have been able to ace the game. Recently, Australian actor Margot Robbie flaunted bright blue eyeliner at the BAFTAs adding an electrifying pop of colour to her monochromatic ensemble. The look she sported was highly appreciated. The brain behind this eye-catchy look has a star student client list which includes Priyanka Chopra and Kate Bosworth. The 28-year-old make-up artist has revealed some of her trade secrets and they include spending 40 minutes preparing the skin before applying make-up.

Speaking to Refinery29, Pati Dubroff explained that she likes to use a facial roller on her clients before using any products because the massage brings oxygen to the surface and makes their skin appear more plump. “Depending on the person and their needs, I massage upwards from the jaw, never down and then sculpt the cheekbones. I also work on the eye area because that puffiness can be moved away temporarily,” she added.

Not all of us have 40 minutes to spare in the morning, Dubroff says that even just 10 to 15 minutes of facial massage would help combat any facial swelling.

Next, Dubroff puts on moisturiser to hydrate the skin followed by primer, which she uses on the oiliest parts of the skin to prevent any shine and help keep foundation in place.

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The make-up artist suggested waiting until the very end of the make-up application process to apply any powder because if applied too soon, then it’s likely you will use more than you need in a bid to cover up the shine from the foundation.

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The celebrity make-up artist also shared a tip for women who want to make their lipstick last for as long as possible, explaining that hydrating the lips is key, as is the application technique. “I like to apply lipstick by pressing it into the lip with my fingertips,” she said. “I find it lasts longer this way than with a thicker coat and I think it looks so much more flattering. Sometimes, I even do different tones if I want to give the lips a shape, for example, something lighter or darker in the centre.”

Image source: Instagram


Hope you've taken some notes! 

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