Marks and Spencer to cut 950 jobs amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Another retail chain to cut off jobs is Marks & Spencer and this time around it is letting go, 950 employees, find out more
Marks and Spencer to cut 950 jobs amid the Coronavirus pandemic
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The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us all hard with most of us being locked in our house for over months now. With people avoiding to step out, the online industry is slowly booming but a low blow is seen for people in the retail business. With shops shutting down and employers unaware of the future, thousands of people are losing their jobs.

From retail employees to consultants, the laying off process has reached a new low. Not just that, the people who are already working are facing pay cuts and work from home issues. While this is the case, the retail giant, Marks and Spencer also made the fact pretty evident that business is not the same ever since the pandemic hit. With more than 3 months in lockdown, the sales have affected which in turn has caused a treat on jobs. M&S is now to cut 950 employees out of jobs.

Marks and Spencer is not the first retail brand to lay off people, Ted Baker is preparing to let go 500 employees after already laying off 160 in February. 

Now that the stores are up and running, the number of customers visiting are considerably low in spite of all the precautionary measures taken. People are also shifting away from buying expensive suits to now hoarding in cheap comfortable clothing like pyjamas. 

While the retail scenario has permanently changed, we can only hope things can get back to normal as soon as possible. 

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