Masaba Gupta designs the ‘hijab-saree’ and fashion enthusiasts are gushing over it!

Masaba has worked up a beautiful marriage of a saree and hijab, as part of her Tiger Lily, Spring/Summer 2018 line
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Just when one starts to feel that Indian fashion has become overtly static and stagnant (we mean: freedom of expression), where there are just pretty colours, trends and silhouettes snowballing with barely any new-ess to offer; comes in the Queen of Quirk, Masaba Gupta, who breaks out from the black and white and paints a beautiful grey. Masaba has always challenged the norms set out by the hypocritical society, the curly-haired talent has come up with a ‘hijab saree’, a familiar concept ‘unfamiliar’ with the Indian folks.


Masaba has worked up a beautiful marriage of a saree and hijab, she poses an ‘it’ question, she asks, “Do we have the freedom to wear whatever we want, when there are no dress codes for men?” An answer which is known to each and every person deep down but somehow there is no voice to participate in this debate leading to an uproar. The message is simple,  “dress how you like”; however, difficult to understand for the “flag-bearers and big-wigs of the society”.

Gupta has intricately weaved conservatism with modernity and uber coolness. The pretty grey printed saree has tribal infused prints on it and is paired with a hot pink blouse which helps in breaking the montony and also adds that pop of colour. We are completely sold over with the black baseball caption cap which screams out the word, "cant", an emotion that all of us are feeling. The talented designer was asked as to why did she pick a symbol of conservatism to which she replied, “The starting point of the idea was to talk about our best-seller sarees. And the saree has been constantly debated in relation to how it should be worn by a specific type of woman to why the youth are apprehensive about embracing it. That's why the decision to showcase the saree worn by real women, as opposed to models, in the campaign shoot. Middle Eastern women think that a saree is intrinsically Indian, hence the idea of styling this drape like a hijab.’ She ended saying, “My job as a designer is done when my clothes inspire freedom in Muslim women to adopt fashion the way they desire.”


Well, we couldn't agree with her more. It’s time that people in power irrespective of their fields, contribute to the society, making a difference, one step at a time. What do you guys think? Comment and let us know.


Are you serious???? There should be a limit of stupidity...

Serously!!I agree..the design is a drab..and the hullabulla overhyped

Men have their own dress style.cant expect men to wear sari too Caz it's not for them n they will feel uncomfortable in it, while women like to wear it. are absolutely absolutely correct ! :D

The title is misleading. It says 'designs' saree hijab while it has just been draped differently..


To the person saying cover the midriff - Um why? In Hinduism saree is designed in a way that it doesn't cover the belly because belly is the symbol of motherhood

New drama, its the same sari that can cover your head, I mean seriously? what's the fuss?

This is how the construction workers wear their sarees when carrying loads on their heads.

Really? That's so hard to believe

Here's some clarity 'live and let live' let the women decide for a change and men mind their business.

Absolutely right, kudos to that!

Nothing new ... Working women in villages often wrap the Saree around their head like shown here. Funny that this is presented as a designer clothing!

Have seen in western countries too, hijab or scarf in some department , fashion stores as well

Its up to individual choices what they want to wear

Why she is trying to mix two religious dresses in one...

Lol why mixing dresses of two religouns just make a singoe dresss nah...

Model kon hai yar bata doh bc she is very preety n preeitier than our nepo beauties

Seriously ?



What about the blouse? Why not make that longer to cover midriff??

I don't understand the concept of pretty fashionable hijabs and scarfs. ....I thought the whole point of wearing them was to be modest and not drawing attention. Girls in fashionable hijabs with faces covered with make up makes me confused.

a scarf can be worn with a sari

She's a designer not an actress.and nepo kids can have talent too

This statement is not true.hijab,scarf,etc is essential part of some faiths and also has cultural reflection too of some communities

But even you know that is not the case for everyone

Another overrated Nepo kid.

Isn't that just a saree wrapped around the head?

Oh just shut it! I'm a Muslim and I wear the hijab because i wish to not because someone is forcing me to.

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