Meghan Markle BROKE Royal protocol 6 times with these fashion choices

While the Queen and traditionalists didn't approve, it didn't seem to stop the former Duchess of Sussex!
Meghan Markle BROKE Royal protocol 5 times with these fashion choices Meghan Markle BROKE Royal protocol 5 times with these fashion choices
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For Meghan Markle, dressing up came easy. Impressing the Royal family though, not so much! The former Suits actress graced everything from red carpets to television screens looking her best and with no qualms when it came to experimenting. 
However, when she married Prince Harry, things changed. Dressing up for the Royal Family isn't as easy as it looks as the Queen and traditionalists have a number of rules the family needs to adhere to. Meghan Markle has come under fire for breaking those rules and dressing as she wished multiple times, not seeming to care too much for rules. Check them out!

Meghan Markle has stepped out multiple times in chic, monochrome black looks that went against both the Queen's and traditionalist's beliefs! The head-to-toe black look is apparently saved for more somber moments like funerals and mourning periods, in the royal family. 

The former Duchess of Sussex's signature hairstyle even when she was part of the Royal Family, was the messy bun. This is apparently frowned upon since the Royals prefer a more neat look with every hair in place. 

Ideally, women in the Royal family have steered clear of off-shoulder dresses. Princess Diana broke this rule a number of times and so did Kate Middleton! But Meghan's peachy pink Carolina Herrera dress with a bateau neckline despite looking elegant, enabled her to break an important rule!

On her first solo outing with the Queen, a Daily Mail report stated that Meghan ruffled a few feathers when she didn't wear a hat! According to the report, it was understood that since Queen Elizabeth always prefers to wear a hat with her outfit, it was understood that Meghan Markle would too. 

According to traditionalists, women form the Royal family only wear skirts and dresses to formal events. Meghan though, wore pantsuits on multiple occasions to show off her powerful look in the outfit. 

For official appearances, Queen Elizabeth 2 apparently prefers the women to dress in skirts and dresses. Meghan however, broke this rule during the Wimbledon finals and opted for bootcut pants with a striped shirt. Kate on the other hand picked a dainty polka dotted dress. Meghan also had a hat with her, which is not allowed at the Wimbledon as "they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them," the site reads. 

What are your thoughts on Meghan Markle's 'rebellious' style? Comment below and let us know. 

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Anonymous 8 months ago

Who cares ? She is a con artist just like her BFF Priyanka Chopra