Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana : 5 Times the royals dressed down

The royals dressed down? A very rare sight indeed.
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Glamour and luxury are a part and parcel of the royal lifestyle. From regal tiaras to the floor-sweeping designer gowns, every detail is well planned and beyond perfection. Even though the queens and princesses are not often photographed in laid-back casuals, these women needs a break from time to time. Here are a few such instances where the royals were spotted in the most casual outfits.



Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is a biggest fan of laid-back clothing. Back in 2018, during the 16-day royal tour, the Duchess was spotted in a stripe dress and brown lace-up sandals. This summertime ensemble was one the most comfortable pregnancy looks Meghan pulled off.


Kate Middleton

Before she became the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was just another student at the St. Andrews University in Scotland. Back in 2005, she was spotted in a classic ‘00s trend, wearing a low-rise blue jeans and a tiny white cami with a wide belt. The Duchess will never be caught in such a look now, but we’re glad to see this throwback.


Princess Diana

Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge or Duchess of Sussex, who we likely will never see in biker shorts, the late Princess Diana, rocked this neon orange pair of biker shorts with a sweatshirt, long socks and chunky sneakers back in 1995 with a care in the world.


Princess Charlene of Monaco

In 2013, the Princess was seen taking a stroll in Portofino, Italy wearing a plain, body-hugging knit dress and silver sandals. She nailed the easy-vacay look effortlessly I must say.

(Princess Charlene of Monaco at a charity event)

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece

22 years old Princess Maria-Olympia is one of the few royals who can wear whatever they please. The princess was spotted in a black t-shirt, denim shorts and grey booties for a trip to New York City in 2016. This was undeniably the most laid-back outfits seen on a royal to date.

(Princess Maria-Olymipia of Greece attending at an event)

We sure almost didn't recognise them right? But it is always curious to see the royal dressed down in casuals. Who nailed it the best ?


Comment below and let us know.


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