Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth: When Royal family conveyed a hidden message through fashion

No matter what they do, the British Royal family garners attention. Here are some ways to sent a message through their outfits and accessories!
Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth: When Royal family conveyed a hidden message through fashion Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth: When Royal family conveyed a hidden message through fashion
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Keeping things private is something the British Royal family does well. They are always under the public scrutiny and very rarely address the media. But they seem to have devised their own way to subtly communicate their thoughts and feelings to the public through their choice of outfits. Fashion plays an important role to the family as they make it a point to always look their best no matter the event or occasion. From the Queen's handbag to wearing the same shade outfits, take a look at all the messages the royal family has sent through their fashion choices. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry matching in red 

At the 2020 Mountbatten Festival of Music, one of the last events that Harry and Megan attended as British Royals before the big Megxit, the duo dressed up in the same shade of bright red. 

While many presumed the duo opted for the same shade to show their solidarity with one another, others believed there was a deeper message. 

The red uniform is known to have a long history with the British military and while Prince Harry has worn the military uniform multiple times before, he has often opted for the more reserved version without colours. 

This look according to some, could represent the military duties Harry was letting go of while also symbolising that their decision to let go of the duties was a united one.  

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle in shades of brown 

After Meghan and Harry announced that they were stepping back from being Royals, there was a lot of speculation of unrest among the family. But the three ladies, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth showed silent solidarity by wearing brown shade outfits. Even Queen Elizabeth who vowed to "never wear beige" and is known for wearing bright colours did it. 

According to style reporter Elizabeth Holmes, "To have them in the same share, I took very much to be a sign of unity," she told Bazaar. 

While it could be a co-incidence, we seriously don't think it was!

Queen Elizabeth's handbag position

It is no longer a secret that the Queen uses her handbag for more than one purpose. According to Royal historians, she uses it to signal her staff. According to Reader's Digest, if the Queen switches her bag from her left arm to right while she is in conversation, it tells her staff that she wants to wrap it up. 

If she puts her bag on the floor, it symbolises that she needs her staff to intervene and deal with an uncomfortable situation. If she puts her bag on the table during a dinner, it means the Queen wants it to end in the next five minutes!

Queen Elizabeth's ruby Tiara while meeting President Donald Trump

The Royal family goes a long length to ensure they are politically neutral, many believe that the Queen's accessory choice while meeting The President was anything but. 

She chose to wear a tiara that was created for her by the House of Garrad with 96 Burmese rubies. It was originally given to the Queen "As a wedding gift from the people of Burma, intended as a symbol of protection against illness and evil," according to the crown's jeweller. 

Princess Diana's 'cleavage bags'

The late Princess' accessories served as more than just that. She used to call her clutches her 'cleavage bags' as she often held them tight against her chest while she was stepping out of cars, to prevent photographers from taking photos of her front of her dress. 

What are your thoughts on these hidden secrets? Did you know about them? Comment below and let us know. 

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